10 Best Ways to Optimize Kitchen Storage Space

How to optimize kitchen storage space?

Statistics from a recent survey show that up to 14% of homeowners actively plan to remodel their kitchens, and most do so to economize on storage space. If your kitchen lacks space, you can improve and revamp your kitchen area and ensure you have optimal room for all kitchenware.

Although your cabinets may have a stylish outward appearance, their storage capacity significantly determines their functionality. Whether you have a well-organized kitchen or a congested one will largely depend on your cabinets and how you use them.


Ten ways of optimizing your kitchen’s storage space

Renovating your kitchen area helps increase your storage space and helps lighten tasks as you work around the kitchen. If you want to gain more kitchen storage, here are ten practical ways of optimizing your kitchen’s storage space.

1. Set up Built-in cabinets

Built-in cabinets open directly to a wall surface, and they help increase kitchen storage capacity by creating plenty of space while economizing on floor space. These cabinets mostly have a long narrow appearance.

It is always best to hire expert home-renovation specialists who can create storage space in a wall and mount a built-in cabinet for you. Some built-in cabinets can fit perfectly under countertops or the sink and provide you with space-saving kitchen storage.

2. Reduce your sink’s size

Most houses contain a large conventional sink in the kitchen area that serves as a washing station for cutlery, dishes, vegetables, and fruits. If you replace such a sink with a smaller modern alternative, you can improve the counter’s storage space. Additionally, installing a smaller sink helps free up space underneath the sink, which you can repurpose into a storage unit for general household items and tools.


kitchen sink

3. Procure smaller kitchen appliances

Electrical appliances, particularly old models, tend to take up most of the kitchen’s space. If you already have a cramped kitchen, buying large electrical appliances won’t help improve the situation. You can maximize the kitchen’s room by purchasing smaller or built-in devices.

Built-in appliances refer to electrical kitchen devices that you can attach to a wall or cabinet section to economize on counter space. Some of the typical built-in household appliances that you can install into your home include built-in refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, and so much more.

4. Use kitchen organizing techniques

Kitchen organizing techniques such as the wire basket kitchen storage can help free up some room. Kitchen baskets serve as wire mesh baskets that you can even set up as cabinet drawers and bring organization to your cabinets.

The wire mesh design of these baskets allows you to easily organize your wire basket kitchen storage so that it can fit your cutlery or pantry foodstuffs. Installing a full-extendable drawer runner on your wire basket can allow you to fully access the back section of the basket, which is often hard to reach.

Base Cabinet Pull Out Basket with Knife Holder and Utensil Bin

5. Install above your cabinets

If your kitchen only has cabinets under the countertop or sink area, you can get space-saving kitchen storage by adding shelves above your kitchen cabinets. Shelves are a cheap and unexacting storage option that you can quickly set up in your cooking area.

Open shelves also make your kitchen more accessible and flexible. Since it’s easier to see open shelves than cabinets under natural light conditions, you’ll locate ingredients or utensils much faster without relying on artificial lighting.

6. Purchase a kitchen 

A kitchen pegboard is an ingenious technique of creating a storage space by introducing a wall-mounted fiber, plastic, or metal board into your kitchen. This pegboard can serve as space-saving kitchen storage that you can use for pans, pots, and other cutlery.

You can incorporate several ideas and other kitchen improvement concepts such as wire basket kitchen storage when using pegboards so that you can reap double benefits. Alternatively, you can use a minimalist approach and set it up adjacent to the breakfast table, particularly if you don’t have plenty of kitchenware.

7. Make use of magnetic knife strips

Magnetic knife strips are rod-like metals that you can mount on your kitchen wall to hold your knives. However, you can also use these magnetic strips for several other uses and ensure you get space-saving kitchen storage.

First of all, you can use the magnetic knife strip to store food processor blades such as detachable blender blades. You can also hang pot lids, heavy serving spoons, and other utensils. The magnetic knife strip can serve as a hanging area for recipes using binder clips and other day-to-day items such as keys.


8. Reclaim ceiling space by mounting ceiling racks

Ceiling racks help you get space-saving kitchen storage even if you have minimal kitchen storage space. You can use these racks to store pans and pots, and they allow the cookware to receive optimal aeration. Moving cutlery to the ceiling racks frees up your cabinets that you can use for other storage-saving ideas such as wire basket kitchen storage.

Mounting a ceiling rack also allows the cook to identify and retrieve items from the shelf quickly. Since you can also attach a celling spice rack and you’ll have virtually everything you need to cook will be at your fingertips.

9. Add a Trashcan pull-out cabinet

Trashcans can affect a kitchen’s spotless appearance by producing odors. Additionally, garbage cans can take up crucial floor space, particularly if you own a large trashcan. Trashcan pull-outs fit well under countertops and save on floor space. Adding a pull-out trashcan compartment can improve discretion within the kitchen, and its presence will be almost non-existent.

10. Open an appliance garage

Some kitchen appliances can quickly turn a spacious kitchen into a disorderly and cramped room. Electrical appliances such as electric kettles, blenders, coffee makers, and toasters can fit into a kitchen garage. Since you’ll probably need these kitchen appliances from time to time, it only makes sense to store them in an appliance garage centrally located in the kitchen.


Numerous techniques can revamp your kitchen and ensure you get more storage space for your ingredients and other items. Using the ten tips mentioned above, you can quickly get some extra room in your kitchen, no matter how cramped and disorganized it may be.