Cost Quality

Cost Control

We are committed to the cost control over whole process of company operation.
Cost Control

Reduce product categories and favor products with large volume and high frequency

In the past, the company had hundreds of products involving nearly 100 suppliers, which led to unsatisfactory quality and cost performance of products. Faced with large inventories and small orders due to high prices, the company attempted to increase revenue by expanding its product catalogs, setting off a vicious cycle…

Quality Control

Process control and control point inspection is the key.

Control point inspection

The process quality control consists of five levels of quality control points, namely H, W, R, E and I, which are set in accordance with the Quality Plan of projects. The inspection of quality control points at all levels shall comply with the following provisions:

Point H: The suspension inspection point, referring to the control point where the customer requires suspending production and checking together with the quality inspector on site. The authorized personnel of site inspection shall sign the inspection record for confirmation before proceeding to the next procedure.

Point W: The witness point…

Benefit Management

Promoting ordinary people to be engaged in extraordinary things.
Benefit Management

Establish a new concept of performance

Driven by the concept of “seeking profit maximization”, traditional performance management emphasizes organizational performance and profit realization. Nevertheless, the new context is demonstrating its impact on the view of performance management. As management guru Peter Drucker has repeated put it, management should concern both externally the mission and organizational performance of the enterprise and internally the structures, values and interpersonal relationships conducive to individual achievement, thus promoting “ordinary people to be engaged in extraordinary things”…