180° Revolving Basket
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This is a 180° revolving and height-adjustable basket, which is suitable for 800 mm wide cabinets. It can make the most of the corner of your cabinet.



180°Revolving Basket – D Shaped Blind Corner Cabinet Organizer & Basket

  • 180° revolving cabinet basket with double-layer design; suitable for 800 mm wide cabinets, height adjustable.
  • Multi-layer plating: smooth and shiny surface with strong rust and oxidation resistance.
  • Laser welding: exquisite craftsmanship, burr-free surface, smooth and solid welding joints, well-matched wires.
  • 710 mm in diameters, suitable for cabinets with a width of 800 mm. The height of the basket can be adjusted from 565 to 790 mm according to the cabinet.
  • Suitable for corner cabinets. It can make the most of the space of the blind corner cabinet.
As one of the most common furniture in people’s lives, cabinets are used in the kitchen of almost every home. We are used to storing some kitchen supplies in the cabinet. However, when people use large cabinets, it is usually not easy and inconvenient to get the things from the inside of the cabinets, especially for people with short arms. Thus, this D shaped lazy susan rotatable basket is designed to solve the troubling problem above.
For 800 mm wide cabinet:


Product Name

Product Size


Cabinet Width


Material /

Surface Treatment

Net Weight (kg)


180° Revolving Basket



Steel / Electroplating


  • This product is made of chrome-plated steel. Please specify if a stainless steel basket is preferred.
  • This product fits 800 mm wide cabinets.


Sets / CTN

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The above container load quantity is the reference value.

What is the kitchen blind corner cabinet organizer

Blind corner cabinet organizers, or corner pull-out baskets, are generally used for irregular cabinets and blind corners of cabinets, in the kitchen, ordinary cabinets are generally not designed to blind corner cabinet. No matter how the kitchen cabinets are placed, there is always a blind corner. l-shaped cabinets maybe fine, but if it is U-shaped cabinets, there will be two blind corners, a great waste of space. But with the blind corner cabinet organizer, you can make better use of the corner of the kitchen cabinet, just a gentle turn, the items are fully displayed in front of you, very convenient. Cabinet corner pull-out baskets are different from other pull-out baskets, not only can improve cabinet storage capacity as well as space utilization, but also can solve the problem of kitchen irregularities.

Types of corner pull-out baskets

1. Cloud-shaped rotating pull-out baskets


This nickname is called the flying saucer basket, this section generally comes with a damping buffer system, the frame is chrome-plated iron, with a wooden base plate design, looks stylish and elegant. If there is an L-shaped corner in the cabinet installation, a saucer corner pullout organizer will be helpful. This item, two pull-out baskets such as butterfly wings, can be loaded with the special food collected from various places. It changes the blind corners transformed into a “beautiful storage space”. The tray’s anti-slip function and guardrail design make items not roll down and make it safe and convenient to store and extract supplies.

2. Corner double slide rail system pulling basket

2. Corner double slide rail system pulling basket

This one has an interesting nickname in China, called the little monster. This little monster pullout organizer is designed for the corner cabinet, normally the color gives a noble and elegant feeling, the cabinet supporting such a pullout, immediately becomes extraordinary. You just need to open the cabinet door and a gentle pull, and all the items are hidden in the corner of the cabinet will be gently displayed in front of you as it turns. This corner monster pull basket adopts a damped heavy-duty slide rail and a silent pulley, which is smooth and silent, stable and durable. It is generally made of high quality steel for the mainframe, with high strength and good load-bearing capacity.

3. 180° Revolving Basket

lazy susan basket

This 180° Revolving Basket (1/2 carousel), or D-shaped lazy susan, sometimes it is called blind corner lazy susan cabinet organizer, is divided into two layers, and the height can be adjusted as needed. Installed in the cabinet, 1/2 carousel can make full use of the space in the blind corner and really play a role in enhancing the use of space. And this pull-out design is relatively simple, the price of 1/2 carousel is also relatively cheap, very economical. For those users who do not have a high budget or the pursuit of practicality, we recommend choosing this blind corner organizer. In addition to the 180° blind corner lazy susan, there are larger rotation angles such as 270°, 360° blind corner lazy susan revolving basket can be selected.

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    Nice quality D shaped lazy susan! nice price!

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