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Folding Pull Out Ironing Board
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This ironing board can be rotated 180 degreeshorizontally. It is foldable, retractable, and easy to put away. It is convenient to iron clothes with this product installed in the cabinet



Pull Out Ironing Board

Ironing Board Cabinet Advantages

  • Retractable and foldable, spacing-saving, and easy to slide in when not in use.
  • 180 degrees horizontally rotatable. It is convenient to iron clothes by rotating the ironing board at any angle you like.
  • High-quality three sections ball bearing slides ensure smooth and quiet sliding of the ironing board.
  • Removable and washable cotton cover with strong high temperatures resistance can protect the clothes you are ironing.
  • It can be installed inside closets to save space and make your room tidier.

As one of the household essentials, ironing board traditionally consists of long legs and a wide board that requires large space to stand on the floor. It will be more challenging if you have to use an ironing board in a room that is not very spacious. Usually, there is a closet in everyone’s room for clothes storage. Will it possible for us to utilize the space of the closet to store the ironing board, and hang the clothes as soon as they are ironed? To meet this need, Venace designed this cabinet ironing board that can be pull out and foldable. It is convenient for ironing and storage in the closet.





Rotation Angle

180° horizontally


White cotton with grey stripes


Frame: Steel

Cover: High temperature resistant /flame retardant cotton

Board length (mm)

950 mm

Load Capacity

10-15 kg

Package Size (mm)

L520 * W310 * H130 mm

Net Weight


Product Size (mm)

L1254 * W300 * H90 mm (unfolded)

Gross Weight (kg)

9.65 kg

  • The standard product includes a high-temperature resistant cotton cover. Please specify if a flame retardant cover needs to be customized.



Net Weight/
CTN (kg)

Gross Weight/
CTN (kg)

Package Size

20 GP

40 GP

40 HP





520 *310 *130




The above container load quantity is the reference value.

Cabinet Pull-Out Ironing Board – An Innovative Addition To Your Smart Home

An ironing board is one of the significant household essentials that every family requires. Normally, they are featured with long stands, holders and a wide ironing table and thus require a lot of space to fix it on the floor.

This becomes even more challenging when a person tries to fit this into a room that is not so spacious. Understanding the problem and aiming to ease out the needs of the family with less living space, Venace comes up with an array of pull-down ironing board collection. These folding ironing boards are designed with pull-down and fold-out feature, assuring to fit at any space in the room.

Features of Cabinet Fold Out Ironing Board

1.Space-saving technique: Cabinet ironing boards, as the name suggests, are specifically meant to install into the wardrobe or drawer. There is no need to look for space in the room to fit the table with the stand.

2.Attractive features: Such a space-saving folding ironing board comes with foldable and retractable features. The pull out ironing board can be pushed inside the wardrobe or cabinet when there is no use. This folding ironing board saves a lot of space in the room, solving the space-related problem of the users.

3.Sliding rails: The fold-out ironing board at Venace has an eye-catching sliding out design along with a folding technique. With this high-quality sliding feature of rails, the ironing table can be moved with convenience whereas the folding technique eliminates the need for huge space on the other hand.

4.Rotatable feature: The highly durable ironing table is designed with a 180-degree rotatable feature. The pull-down ironing board has some adjustment screws that need to be adjusted whenever there is a need for such an angular rotation. This makes it useful for both right-handed and left-handed people, easy to operate from every side.

5.Heat-resistant cover: The fold away ironing board is covered with a removable heat-resistant cotton cloth. It is easy to remove, easy to wash, and easy to replace.

6.Easy to fit: The pull out ironing board can be set up either inside your cabinet or wardrobe. Be it is in your laundry room or living room, the ironing board will make a perfect fit there.

Why Choose Venace For Pull Out Ironing Board?

Venace, the smart home creator & folding ironing board provider, has a huge selection of modern trendy closet ironing boards. From wall-mounted ironing boards to cabinet built-in ironing boards, there are multiple options kept open to all. They are all space-friendly meeting the needs of every family, regardless of the size of the room they have marked for keeping their ironing board.

The pull out ironing boards or the fold-down ironing boards here at Venace are all available in different sizes and specifications. Moreover, they all come with a white finish, adding a sophisticated look to the overall product.

Explore our smart home products and find one that fits your room the best and make your purchase online.

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2 reviews for Folding Pull Out Ironing Board

  1. Yellow

    for Folding Pull Out Ironing Board, I choose Venace!

  2. Medivh

    We have received our product on schedule.
    Well-timed production and shipment!
    All the documents for shipment were provided without delay!
    The quality of the ordered items is very good!
    Boreas Zhang is a professional manager and nice person, always tried to resolve all the issues in time and always ready to reply and help!

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