270° Revolving Basket
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This is a 270° revolving and height-adjustable basket, which is suitable for 700, 800, 900 mm wide cabinets. It can make the most of your cabinet corner.


Product Description

270°Revolving Basket – Kidney Shaped Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

  • 270° revolving corner lazy susan cabinet organizer, suitable for 700, 800, 900 mm cabinet, double-layer design, height adjustable.
  • Multi-layer plating: smooth and shiny surface with strong rust and oxidation resistance.
  • Laser welding: exquisite craftsmanship, burr-free surface, smooth and solid welding joints, well-matched wires.
  • 610, 710, 810 mm in diameters, suitable for cabinets with width of 700, 800, 900 mm. The height of the basket can be adjusted from 565 to 790 mm according to the cabinet.
  • Suitable for corner cabinets to make the most of cabinet space.
In our daily life, cabinet has become almost every family’s kitchen necessities. However, it is very difficult to deal with the corner of the cabinet. Not only does it take up space, but it is also inconvenient to take and put things. So, how can we make full use of the corners of the cabinets? This 270° corner cabinet lazy susan basket is a good solution to the problem of using 90 degrees cabinet corner.
For 700-900 mm wide cabinets:
  • This lazy susan pull out shelf is made of chrome-plated steel. Please specify if a stainless steel lazy susan pull out shelf is preferred.
  • This pull out lazy susan shelf has three specifications according to the width of the cabinet, please choose one according to your needs.
  • OEM is available.
The above container load quantity is the reference value.

Types and characteristics of kitchen pull-out baskets

In the kitchen, the most headache is not enough space to put numerous large objects pots and pans, small items like oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar bottles mixed together then very messy, looking at the kitchen cluttered arrangement, your motivation to cook must be greatly reduced. Cabinet pull-out baskets, very good to help you organize your kitchen items, can make you love your kitchen.

1. Dish pulling basket

dish pull out basket

Dishes, pots and pans are essential kitchen objects, usually scattered on the countertop, not only occupy a large position, over time but also heaps of layers of ash layer, it is time to have a place to place them – pull basket.

It is divided into two types of drawers and open doors, installed in the lower position so that we take and put the heavier fragile dishes and pots and pans will be more convenient and safe. 304 stainless steel pull-out basket, strong load-bearing capacity so that we can store more at ease, not easy to rust more suitable for the cabinet space moisture. This pull-out basket also has more elaborate design advantages: double space layout makes our classification and storage more reasonable, hollow round bar mesh basket leaching is not easy to the residue, with damping slides push and pull smoothly without jamming.

2. Pull-out basket for seasonings and conditions

Most commonly used and seasoning pull basket, a small basket can hold: spices, cutting board, knives, spatulas, etc., it can be installed directly next to our cooking to take convenient location. All solid stainless steel material and nano-plating strong combination, together with rust prevention. Praiseworthy is its humanized structure design, tailored in advance for the high bottle position area, low bottle position area, knife rack area, chopstick area, etc., so that the pull-out basket more three-dimensional, to the kitchen storage more possible.

3. Lift pull-down basket

Look up at the kitchen, the high cabinet that has been a blind spot, but the installation of ordinary hanging cabinets, pick up items still have to climb high on the low, so too unsafe. Lifting pull-out basket is a hanging cabinet space that can be moved down the pull-out basket, the original move the stool to take things to put things dangerous, into a hand between the easy. The mechanical rocker arm of the basket is set to allow the hanging cabinet to drop to the appropriate location for taking things, surrounded by a raised fence guardrail to avoid lifting process items fall. Anodized space aluminum material, lighter quality with peace of mind, strong anti-rust solid and durable.

4. Corner Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer

lazy susan pull out shelf

lazy susan pull out shelf

Generally speaking, the corner of the kitchen is an awkward position, when you take something from that position, your head has to reach into the cabinet, very trouble, but don’t worry, here we recommend the corner lazy susan cabinet to make your life better, 3/4 carousel will be a smart use of these corners of the kitchen cabinet. Venace pull lazy susan shelf has always been top one of kitchen accessories, the material of corner cabinet lazy susan is made of a mixture of selected iron, copper, nickel and chromium plating, not easy rust and more durable. There are also hollow iron bars designed are polished and rounded, but also equipped with fixed racks on each level. Corner cabinet lazy susan is helpful for your corner cabinet issue. I strongly recommend you to use this lazy susan cabinet organizer to diy your lazy susan kitchen cabinet.

Each type of pullout has its own special use and role, users need to determine their own kitchen characteristics and space to determine which type to purchase. Of course, you also need to measure the specific dimensions of the cabinet to choose different specifications.

Installing cabinet organizers is one of the most popular kitchen refacing projects. Update your kitchen cabinets and use the multifunctional cabinet organizer to transform them from a messy look to a beautiful look. When you use the kitchen accessories products provided by Venace, you can quickly and easily use cooking utensils, pots and pans, food and other household items, and life will become easier and better!

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4 reviews for 270° Revolving Basket

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    The pull out lazy susan, nice quality! nice customer service!

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    I purchased this lazy susan shelf, about 100, fast delivery!

  3. 5 out of 5


    3/4 carousel is one of my best-selling products!

  4. 5 out of 5


    3/4 carousel and 1/2 carousel are my favorite!

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