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Why Choose Furniture Hardware Supplier from China?

According to the kitchenware market analysis report, with the rapid development of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of people’s lives, the demand for kitchenware is also increasing, and with about 1.3 billion people in China, the market space is extremely huge. In recent years, the sales volume of China’s kitchenware hardware market is rising at a rate of 35%. From the 1980s to the present, just two or three decades of development, the kitchenware industry has become a sunrise industry, entering a phase of qualitative change from rapid growth to gradual maturity.

1.China's status as a global furniture accessories manufacturing center will be further solidified.

With the acceleration of China’s integration into the global economic environment and the rapid rise of economic strength, China has become the world’s most dynamic economic region. China’s economic facilities are relatively complete, the industrial development is more mature and has lower labor costs, has become a global furniture accessories manufacturing center’s comparative advantage, furniture hardware manufacturing export-oriented development characteristics are obvious.
The strengthening of the center’s position is firstly manifested in the exports of hardware products in recent years have been maintained at about 100 billion, with exports of hardware products of $10.44 trillion in 2017, 0.9 trillion in 2018 and 10 trillion in 2019. The huge market and central position gravity will further attract hardware multinational manufacturing centers to China.
Kitchen Accessories

2.Industrial chains represented by industrial clusters have become more mature and complete

In 1996, it was awarded the title of the first industrial cluster. So far, 53 industrial clusters have been awarded. According to incomplete statistics, the gross industrial product of the 53 industrial clusters has exceeded $11 trillion, placing about 2.7 million people in employment, with a total number of nearly 80,000 manufacturers. The average growth rate of industrial GDP in the last three years is about 6%.
China furniture and kitchen hardware products capital 14, China hardware industry base 35, China hardware township 4, a total of 53 industrial clusters, of which there are 16 in Guangdong Province accounted for 30.2%. Huge industrial clusters, so that the upstream and downstream supply chain can have enough space to develop, from the production of mold manufacturing to the production of packaging materials, the entire industry chain is very mature and complete.
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3.The market diversification, to meet the needs of various types of users

Household hardware can be divided into two categories according to the settings of ordinary and special, the former including hinges, drawer slides, kitchen accessories (kitchen aid accessories, kitchen storage, etc), etc., the latter including bathroom hardware and kitchen pendants, etc. Among them, hinges, drawer slides are used in the furniture of life with high frequency and thus become more important.
In recent years, due to the increasing demand of consumers, greater demand and higher requirements are put forward for furniture accessories. Take the furniture industry, the quality and grade of furniture are mainly reflected in the selection of kitchen accessories. Furniture inconvenience, to a large extent, because of the furniture hardware accessories improperly selected or lack of cause. kitchen cabinet accessories in the value of furniture accounted for 5%, but running comfort accounted for 85%. This shows the importance of furniture hardware in furniture.
Previously, household hardware is more emphasis on its mechanical properties, rust resistance, moisture resistance, fatigue performance of moving parts, and other qualities. In today’s home decoration increasingly requires personalization and wholeness, home hardware should not only meet the above-mentioned functionality but also have a bright decorative and overall home decoration style matching wholeness.
Homelife is becoming more and more important to individuals, and the requirements for home comfort are becoming higher and higher. Now people hope that the lazy man style of life requires hardware more and more humane and intelligent. Among them, the use of hardware up to 35% of the cabinet industry is reflected more clearly. For example, the use of a new damping drawer slide, to achieve a strong cabinet drawer load, no rebound, no disobey, while extending the life cycle of the damping slide.
Kitchen Accessories

4.Production costs will be further reduced.

In 2020, the world will be ravaged by COVID-19, leading to the economic shutdown of countries around the world. Many countries to take the lockdown to reduce the spread of the epidemic, which led to a surge in online shopping behavior. Online shopping differs from offline brick-and-mortar purchases in that the prices of goods will be more transparent. The retail price on Amazon, minus platform commissions, storage and logistics costs, e-commerce operating costs, and shipping costs for exports, is what remains to be the manufacturer’s cost and profit. Subject to the competition between traders on the platform, price competition will definitely be transmitted to the manufacturer’s costs. Therefore, those manufacturers with a high level of automation, fewer product SKUs, and high demand are able to make profits. This requires furniture accessories suppliers to enhance the level of automation and reduce the expenditure of labor costs, thus enhancing the industrial base capacity of China’s kitchen aid accessories. Wholesalers, who wholesale kitchen cabinet accessories, of course, are most concerned about costs, and they want manufacturers to offer them more favorable competitive prices in the marketplace over the long term.
Zhang Xiaoquan scissors is a well-known furniture accessories supplier in China, but did you know that “now the scissors are manufactured by Robots”. The robot at the workstation grabs a knife blank and automatically produces an open-edge trajectory through the camera to identify the contours, and then follows the trajectory to polish and open the edge after the conveyor chain is transported to the next workstation to complete the waxing and polishing process. This set of equipment through intelligent technology, sensors with robots and grinding, cutting edge, polishing, and other equipment, automatically complete the knife chamfering, cutting edge, polishing the three processes.
In the future, China furniture accessories suppliers will accelerate the pace of automation and intelligence.
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5.The market competition will shift from a price-based to high-quality, high-tech products.

With the depth of competition, the profit margin of each stage of the hardware industry chain is compressed, the space for price reduction is decreasing. More and more furniture accessories manufacturers recognize that price competition alone can not establish core competitiveness, not the direction of long-term development, and thus strive to explore new development paths.
Many kitchen cabinet accessories manufacturers increase the investment in technology, develop new products with high technology content, take product differentiation as the long-term strategy of enterprise development, seek new market demand, establish new economic growth points, in order to realize the sustainable development of enterprises.

6.Pay attention to the construction of standardization

In 2015, to further promote the standardization reform, China’s State Council formulated the “Deepening Standardization Work Reform Program”, which clarified the responsibilities of industry associations to develop standards. China has two industry standardization organizations, one is the National Standardization Technical Committee for Hardware Products (SAC/TC174), and the other is the National Standardization Technical Committee for Metal Catering and Cooking Appliances (SAC/TC410)
This has accelerated the development of standards, with 61 national standards and 270 industry standards, as of 2017
Chinese standards are developed based on the full study of the index level of the top international brand products and EU standards, under the leadership and participation of leading domestic enterprises, so that Chinese products have more late-stage advantages.

7.Cross-border logistics is faster and more convenient

With the depth of competition, the profit margin of each stage of the hardware industry chain is compressed, the space for price reduction is decreasing. More and more furniture accessories suppliers recognize that price competition alone can not establish core competitiveness, not the direction of long-term development, and thus strive to explore new development path.

8.Customs clearance facilitation

At present, the world economic pattern is changing frequently, among which the changes in the division of labor in the global value chain are particularly significant. The facilitation of cross-border trade clearance is a key contributor to the development of the value chain division of the labor system. Studies in the academic and political sectors have found that the improvement of the level of customs clearance and trade facilitation is conducive to the expansion of market scale and significantly promotes the enhancement of the embeddedness of countries in the global value chain.
Customs supervision is a key link in the logistics chain of international trade. In recent years, in order to enhance the level of international trade facilitation in China, China Customs has continuously optimized its supervision and provided quality services. Up to now, China Customs has signed agreements with nearly 50 countries or regions on the mutual recognition of regulatory results and law enforcement of the Global Trade Security and Facilitation Standards Framework (AEO).
Currently, China Customs has proposed the construction goal of Smart Customs, aiming to use new technologies such as connected 5G, AI, and cloud computing to scientifically design a new port clearance model, simplify the customs clearance operation process and improve customs clearance efficiency.
China is the world’s manufacturing center, Guangdong is China’s furniture accessories manufacturing center, the world’s wholesalers of kitchen accessories, the furniture hardware suppliers, here is fantastic industrial clusters with the ideal of “better life, better price”, where you experience the charm of Made in China. If you are a distributor or dealer and want to wholesale kitchen accessories, don’t miss it.

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