58g One-Way 2 Holes Concealed Hinge

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This 58g one-way conealed hinge with 2 holes is full overlay. It is an ideal choice for frameless cabinets. It’s useful for kitchen cabinet doors, bookcases, wardrobes, office cabinets, tv cabinets, wine cabinets, and other luxury door connection. This one way hinge is without hydraulic mechanism.



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35mm Cup Hinge

  • This one-way slide-on concealed hinge is a full overlay hinge.
  • High-quality steel and strengthened spring for long service life.
  • Nickel-plated finish with strong corrosion resistance and antioxidation ability.
  • This one-way hinge is without a hydraulic mechanism.
  • Designed for frameless cabinets.

  1. Appearance: no defects such as rough plating, bubbles, pinholes, peeling, cracks, stains, discoloration, and partial absence of plating, etc. Slight water stains on the hinge and the situation that non-major surfaces are slightly rough and uneven in color are permissible.
  2. Usability: No jamming or friction sound when opening and closing the hinge.
  3. Adjustability: The 35mm cup hinge can be adjusted in the range of ±2mm from front to back, left to right, and up to down.
  4. Opening Angle: The angle of the open hinge shall not be less than 95°.
  5. Accurate size and outstanding product consistency are guaranteed by automated production lines.

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Cup Diameter


Cup Depth


Hole Pitch



Cold-­rolled Steel


Nickel Plated


Slide On

Angle of Opening


Net Weight


Door Thickness


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  • This 35mm cup hinge is without a hydraulic mechanism.

Full Overlay




Package Size

Gross Weight/CTN(kg)


Full Overlay




The above container load quantity is the reference value.

Why do we need to know the diameter of the hinge cup?

We believe friends who are familiar with the standard “QB/T 2189-2013 furniture hardware cup concealed hinge”(check it in our hinge buying guide) will surely find that the mechanical test door of the hinge is selected according to the cup concealed hinge type, and the classification of the cup concealed hinge type is based on the diameter of the hinge cup and the maximum opening angle. Therefore, the measurement of the hinge cup diameter is also the first step of hinge testing.

The diameter of the hinge cup directly determines the diameter of the hole to be dug for the cabinet door cover. To install the hinge, you need a professional hinge punching machine called concealed hinge jig. It can help you open a hole in the cabinet door panel to accommodate the size of the hinge cup to hold the hinge cup.

How is the diameter of the hinge cup measured?

Hinge cup diameter measurement is usually finished by a vernier caliper measurement. The most common hinge cup diameter is 35mm and 40mm, the most common is the 35mm cup hinge. 35mm hinge is often referred to as 35mm cup hinge, which means the diameter of the cup is 35mm.

The hinge parameters that hinge buyers generally focus on include: Hinge Material, Hinge Cup Diameter, Hinge Cup Depth, Hinge Hole Pitch, Hinge Base, The Angle of Opening, Its Net Weight, The Door Thickness.

Hinge Material (usually there are two kinds of cold-rolled steel and stainless steel, and the outer layer of cold-rolled steel is generally finished with Nickel Plated)
Hinge Cup Diameter (the most common is 35mm hinge and 45mm hinge, of course, there are also 26mm cup hinge)
Hinge Hole Pitch (refers to the distance between the two holes on the hinge cup, this parameter of Venace’s hinges is generally 48mm);
The Angle of Opening (refers to the maximum angle of the hinge opening, the hinge angle on the market generally has: 95°, 110°, 135°, and 165°);
The Door Thickness (The thickness of the door panel generally supported is between 13-26mm, if the door panel is too thin will be penetrated by screws.)

Frequently asked questions

What does a 35mm cup hinge mean?

35mm is the most common size of all concealed hinges, 35mm refers to the diameter of the hinge cup, you can check the mark on our product specification chart, there are many types to solve the problem of different sizes of cabinets. The weight of the cabinet doors is carried by 35mm cups, which are then screwed in.

How do I know my hinge cup size?

To measure the cup size, either measure the diameter of the hole in the cabinet door or the cup on the hinge itself. Your hinge may have three sizes of cups: 26mm, 35mm and 45mm. If you’re not sure, you can put the hinge cup on a ruler and take a photo to show the merchant, who can determine the type of hinge you need.

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