About us

Who We Are

As a leading international household solutions provider and manufacturer, Venace Intelligent Technology Inc. has been pursuing best products and services for customers at a reasonably competitive price.

Our team of industrial designers and engineers has been doing job at innovating household products of better quality and stronger practicability. Thus we keep introducing new wardrobe, kitchen, laundry and likewise household solutions with latest materials and technology, to meet the market requirement along with customer satisfaction.

We do not seek to maximize our own interests at expense of others, but rather will carry out a win-win strategy with mutual benefit in cooperation. We have undertaken a large number of export orders of wholesale household products from all over the world. Welcome to call or visit our company to learn more about us.

Venace is headquartered in Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, as a professional smart home manufacturer, we have been committed to providing customers all over the world with cost-effective high quality products. Our have loyal customers cover more than 100 countries and regions around the world, we have the European Division, North America Division, the Middle East and Africa Division, and Greater China Division. Our mission is “Better Venace, Better Price.”; For your smile, we exceed your expectations. Venace’ s vision is ” To Be the world class creator of smart home”. To create high-quality products and constantly stay ahead of the times, we are determined to become the leader of the industry. We seize the opportunity to look ahead to the future.


Since the establishment in 2011, we have always implemented the business philosophy of ” Patriotism, Respect the Divine and love People”, carrying out the “Customer-Centric” management concept to comprehensively improve customer satisfaction (CS). We operate in a flexible and scientific organization driven by customer demand which helps minimize customers’ TOC. In order to offer high-quality products and services, we implement a quick response (QR) mechanism, customer satisfaction (CS) strategy, zero defect (ZD) management, total quality management (TQM), just-in-time (JIT) mode of production, and 6SIGMA management. Every day, in every matter, we look for the best way to do better and constantly challenge ourselves. We constantly improve our standards for higher product reliability, customer trustworthiness and customer satisfaction. We strive for excellence, never cease to surpass ourselves.


Our products include kitchen storage products, kitchen accessories, wardrobe products, foldable ironing boards, laundry room storage products. Venace is market-oriented, attaches great importance to research and development, listens to the voice of customers, adapts to the development of the times, and continuously optimize our products and supply chain level. We aim to achieve our overall strategic objectives of  “high quality, high-value, high efficiency, low cost, low price, low gross margin”. Our scientific research has yielded fruitful results. At present, we have more than 120 national patents, 8 trademarks and 8 Copyrigh.


We strive to satisfy our customers and terminal consumers by:

  • Carefully choose reliable, appropriate, high quality and safe intelligent home products for customers;
  • To provide customers with not only products but also better household solutions,;
  • Ensure first-class logistics support, achieve customer service that is fast, efficient and excellent;
  • Do research of the market development and smart home development trend in advance;
  • We have a strong supply chain and manufacturing capabilities;
  • Positioning in the customer-oriented, sales and product service concept.


  • March 10, 2011, VENACE (Venace International Technology Inc.) was formally established In High – tech Development Zone, Guangzhou.
  • April 1, 2012, the first patented product is officially launched, Venace attaches importance to research, development, and intellectual property protection.
  • September 12, 2014, Guangzhou Venace Homehold Inc. (Equity Abbreviation: Venace; Equity Code: 896147) listed was listed in equity trading center.
  • December 1, 2014, the intelligent drying system products were recognized as high-tech products in Guangdong Province.
  • September 28, 2015, the project was approved through the Provincial and Municipal Frontier and Key Technology Innovation Fund.
  • December 10, 2015, approved by the Guangzhou Science and Technology Giant Enterprise.
  • May 4, 2016, the VENACE MIDDLE EAST AND North Africa Division was officially established.
  • November 30, 2016, approved by the National High-Tech Enterprises.
  • February 1, 2017, Venace was approved as a Gazelle Breeder Enterprise.
  • July 6, 2017, Venace was recognized as a re-credit enterprise in Guangdong Province.
  • October 19, 2017, Venace completed a share-based transformation.
  • March 15, 2018, Venace received a certification of the Intellectual Property Management System.


Based on science and technology, being alert to the present and anticipating the future, Venace has always been seeking to take the lead in a better way to serve customers in a better way. Venace sincerely hopes to establish long-term win-win cooperation with customers from all over the world, shares the success as well as joy of career, and builds an intelligent life.

Mission:Better Life, Better Price.

  • To manufacture high quality and cost-effective household products so as to provide a more convenient and enjoyable life for terminal customers.
  • Contribute to society by creating value for customers, creating employment opportunities, and cultivating talents.
  • We are citizens of the global village. Everything we do is based on the complex of contributing to a greener earth, protecting the environment and caring for the earth.
  • In Venace, we fully committed to develop the potential of employees. While pursuing success, we regard our lovely employees as the most valuable assets; We provide a wide range of development opportunities for their growth and development; We make sure our employees work happilly, being trusted and given the biggest independence to complete projects with originality.
  • We pay close attention to the health of our employees. We develop a comprehensive health plan as well as an overall health and well being policy to ensure our employees have a healthy, positive and wonderful life.
  • We are committed to maintaining healthy, win-win, interactive partnerships with our partners, and we treat our partners as we expect them to treat us.

Vision: To Be the world class Creator of smart home.

  • We persistently pursue the quality of products and constantly improve the standards of products, so as to be more reliable, trustworthy, and satisfactory for our customers.
  • We constantly improve our products, surpass and eliminate ourselves, and try new ways to make us better at everything every day.
  • We are committed to do the latest and the most popular products, to create new value for the vast number of customers.
  • We strive for excellence and high goals; We strive for perfection in anything including doing simple things.
  • We strive to win, we are determined to lead the fashion and establish the benchmark.

Philosophy: Patriotism, Respect the Divine and love People.

  • People should not only live for themselves, but also live for the motherland.
  • Love those who benefit the country, and hate those who harm it.
  • Doing things according to the objective laws, Venace insists on the principle of carrying out the right things in the right way to the end.
  • According to human nature, “love” here is “altruism”, taking “others” as the principle, oneself is to serve and assist others. For enterprises, it is “altruistic operation” to seek profits for the country, customers, employees, society and stakeholders.
  • Have the heart of awe, gratitude, altruism!

Core Value

We Are Strategically Focused in Our Work, to be integrity.

We Seek to Be the Best, Great just isn’t good enough.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our success,rigorous practical and efficient!

We show respect for all individuals,we value personal mastery,We respect teamwork and trust our individuals.

We respect teamwork and trust our individual

Operation Rules


To foster globalization concept and international vision, and learn state-of-art management from world-class enterprises to run business.


To conduct scientific management and maximize efficiency.


Human resource is the most invaluable capital to Venace. Venace has always been discovering, culturing talents. Talents in Venace are highly respected and encouraged to develop themselves as well. The fittest survives.


Venace operates based on listed companies’ management thinking mode and strictly obeys laws and rules because we honor Contract Spirit. In order to set up a whole set of modern management system, Venace calls up to think systemically and get all individuals involved.


Knowledge is the capital to achieve powerfulness and greatness.
It should be treated as the most important resource to build up a learning organization within company.


We simplify, standardize and streamline our current work whenever possible.
We focus on one thing to do it really, really well.

How do we cooperate with our partners?

We trust and respect our partners. We treat them as we want to be treated.
Venace walks in the fierce market competition exactly by sharing profit together with partners and sticking to justice and win-win strategy in business cooperation.

Work Style:

1)Endeavor: Hard-worker oriented, all workforce strive for higher returns.

2)Simplification: Make complicated things simple, repeat simple things, and do the best.

3)Rules: Abide by rules and make clear distinction between reward and penalty; focus on the issue instead of the person.

4)Concentration: Focus, Professionalize and Concentrate.

5)Result: Success and achievement oriented, only result makes sense.

6)Passion: Passion and confidence make us invincible.

7)Gratitude: Be grateful to those who help you grow.

8 )Saving:Eliminate waste, save money and reduce costs