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5 Best Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Professional Chef

How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Professional Chef?

What will you get from having a professional home kitchen? You may think that you will get nothing much, but you will surely agree that it can provide the most efficient way to prepare the most delectable dishes you can muster. Why should you consider having a professional kitchen, which a professional chef commonly uses, at home?

We all know that each move that a chef makes should be precise and quick – no room for error and wasting time. Each turn, cut, whip, and every single thing they do in the kitchen should be within the time they allowed themselves to finish it. Have you ever wondered how chefs can manage to serve the dishes in lesser time than it would normally take? The answer: efficient kitchen setup.

professional kitchenHow do you organize a kitchen like a professional chef? Here are some of the best tips that can help you acquire a professional kitchen.

1. Sort According to Flavor and Function

Designating a zone for everything makes it easier for you to locate and find things that you need. You can group the contents of your refrigerator according to the flavor profile and function of your ingredients, sauces, or condiments. You may assign a specific section for the fruits, vegetables, pickled foods, Italian sauces, Asian sauces, and others. Make sure not to put the almost similar types of food side by side to avoid picking the wrong ingredient in case you are in a hurry. Instead of grabbing the Asian sauce for your oriental dish, you might pour in the Italian sauce – a complete disaster.

On the countertop, you may set up something that you may regard as your flavor station that contains the spices, flavorings, and seasonings that you usually use when you cook your dishes. You can use a kidney-shaped lazy Susan to contain the things that you will use to give your dishes their enticing flavors. Make sure to nicely arrange the things you will use.

kitchen cabinet sort out

2. Make 4 Pillars of Prep, Cook, Serve, and Store Work for You

When it comes to arranging the things you will use for preparing, cooking, serving, and storing your dishes, you can arrange them based on the purpose they serve. You can put the label “PREP” on the drawer that contains the items that you will use for preparing your dish. This drawer may contain the measuring cups and spoons, mortar and pestle, mixing bowls, graters, and other things that you use to prepare the ingredients.

You can put the label “COOK” on the drawer that contains the items that you will use for cooking your dish. This drawer may contain pots, pans, some cooking utensils, and other things that you use to cook your dishes.

Most people use their cupboards to store their glasses, bowls, plates, and other things that are used to serve food. You may want to install a dish rack in your cupboard to make the plates look neat and orderly. If you prefer to put these items in a drawer, you put the label “SERVE” on the drawer that contains the items for serving the food.

You can put the label “STORE” on the drawer that contains the items that you will use for storing the leftovers and other food items that you need to keep. This drawer may contain different resealable containers and other things you can use to store the food.

If you don’t want to open too many cabinets to gather the things that you usually use when preparing and cooking your dishes, having a cabinet pull-out basket that contains the things you need from preparing the food to storing can be an indispensable addition to your professional home kitchen.

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3. Leave the Commonly Used Items in Plain Sight

How many times have you played the guessing game of choosing the right knife from the butcher block each time you prepare your ingredients for cutting? Doing it repeatedly can be frustrating, and it is time-consuming. To avoid guessing which knife you are about to pull, why not arrange your knives properly in a drawer?

You can also install or mount a magnetic strip on the wall and let your knives cling to the magnet. You will be able to see your knives clearly and get them easily. While you’re at it, you may also want to switch to see-through containers that allow you to view the contents of each container without opening the jar or keeper. It also helps make things easier for you. It also informs you how much is left on a particular container so you can replenish it on your next grocery shopping.

Most restaurants (if not all) use transparent containers, which allow the chefs to see the amount of the remaining ingredients. It is crucial for restaurants to always have the ingredients that they need in their storage. This can avoid the possible disappointment of the customer who wants to order the dish that the chef has decided not to serve due to lack of a necessary ingredient.

It is also important to keep the essentials nearby and in plain sight so you will know immediately if you need to replenish them already.professional home kitchen

4. Use Painter’s Tape For Your Labels and Keep Things Organized

To create a label, using painter’s tape is better than using masking tape. Although both types are similar, the painter’s tape has a water repellant surface that will not wrinkle or get ruined in case it gets in contact with liquid. You may also choose to cover one side of the container or jar with chalkboard paint, and then use a chalkboard pen to label your container properly.

It is advisable to label your jars and containers, especially the identical ones, to avoid picking the wrong bottle or container. You also need to add the expiry date of the item in the container to avoid untoward incidents.

It is also important to designate a proper place for each item and keep everything in place. Do not try to interchange the places of the different items too often. As much as possible, keep the items in their specific spots permanently.

5. Inspect and Clean the Cabinets Regularly

When you have a kitchen that most chefs have, you need to make sure to keep it tidy and clean all the time. You must inspect it regularly and see to it that everything is in proper working order. You should let your cupboard go through a complete overhaul at least once a year. It is necessary to clean and sanitize your cabinets to deter pests and mold. It can also ensure the health of your entire family.

Even if you are not a chef by profession, a professional home kitchen will do wonders for you.