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Wall Mounted Ironing Board
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This wall-mounted ironing board can be rotated 180° horizontally with double folding for easy storage.It is suitable for homes or hotel bed- rooms with dedicated ironing rooms.




Wall Mounted Ironing Board Advantages

  • Wall-mounted installation: thick white painted steels are used, which are not easy to damage, and safe with strong load-bearing capacity.
  • Delicate white coating, which will not be exposed to rust in long-term use, so to ensure a safe and pleasing ironing.
  • Double-layer foldable and 180 degrees rotatable design make it convenient to iron clothes and put the ironing board away.
  • Removable flame retardant cotton cover: easy to clean.
  • Suitable for homes and hotel bedrooms with ironing rooms.
Limited space is the main reason why users avoid purchasing standard ironing boards. Most traditional ironing boards are X-shaped, consisting of steel pipes, brackets and boards. We need to unfold the ironing board when ironing clothes, and put it away after ironing. It can not be more annoying to iron clothes in a narrow space when children are playing around. Therefore, Venace designed this 180° wall mounted ironing board to solve this problem perfectly.
Wall Mounted Ironing Board Size




Rotatable and foldable type

Swivel angle

180 degrees


White cotton with gray stripes


Frame: Steel
Cover: High temperature resistant /

flame retardant cotton

Board length

37-2/5″(950 mm) when opened

Load Capacity

10-15 kg


L985 * W300 * H185 mm (unfolded)

Net Weight


Package Size(mm)

L540 * W345 * H150

Gross Weight (kg)


  • The wall-mounted board should be installed on the wall with a thickness of more than 55 mm. Please order a wooden board to thicken the wall if the thickness is not enough.
  • The standard product includes a high-temperature resistant cotton cover. Please specify if a flame retardant cover needs to be customized.



Package Size












The above container load quantity is the reference value.

Wall Mounted Ironing Board | Ironing Center table | Wall Ironing Board

What Brings the Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board?
A Wall Mounted Ironing Board, just as its name implies, is not the same as the traditional styles of ironing center which has iron tubes and stands on the floor but it comes into a metal frame mounted to the wall. It was innovated by Venace originally to solve the problems related to the limited space as space is becoming a rarer resource nowadays.
What are the Special Parts of this Wall Ironing Board?
First, as it is mounted on the wall, this best wall mounted ironing board is required a greater extent of sturdiness to prevent dropping out. The metal support frame is sprayed with a delicate white coating while the solidity of the frame will not be exposed to any rust or corrosion in long time use, guaranteeing a safe and pleasing ironing process.
Second, this best wall mounted ironing board is 180 degree rotatable on left and right. With this function, users can adjust the ironing board into different angles that fit them while deal with a heap of wrinkled clothes or other textures with no worries.
Third, the Wall Mounted Ironing Board from Venace can be double-foldable when mounted to the wall. When users finished using the ironing board, they can fold it two times to be a smaller item that can be leaned against the wall. It is saving the space to the greatest extent and can also prevent some safety issues if it is not a barrier to stop people pass by.
Last not least, this Wall Ironing Board also has the normal advantages that a traditional ironing board may have. They include a removable hear-resistance cotton cover, a pattern that is with adaptable light color combination, etc.
With so many specific advantages, is this Wall Mounted Ironing Board a surprising product for you? The Wall-Mounted Ironing Board is best choice when you have less space. Explore the and get a good experience of products.
Wall Mounted Folding Ironing Board – An Addition To Your Smart Home
Limited space is the major cause that compels the users to avoid purchasing a standard ironing board. The traditional ironing board is equipped with a board with iron tubes and stands that can be temporarily fixed on the floor to keep the table stable. Revising the problems, Venace came up with a wall-mounted ironing board for the smart home.
The smart home creator Venace and its wall fixed ironing board has left no stone unturned to surprise the audience. The ironing table with the ironing centers wall mount is perfectly designed to solve the limited space concern.
Features of Wall Mounted Iron Table
1.The wall fixed ironing board comes with a highly durable feature. Since the board is to be fixed in the wall, it has to be sturdy enough to prevent dropping out from the wall. and no need any ironing board accessories like ironing board holder.
2.To solidify the board a metal frame is used with a white coating. This does not expose the board to rust or corrosion, ensuring a highly durable board to the customers.
3.The ironing center wall mounted table is featured with a 180-degree rotatable board. It can be rotated left and right, allowing the users to adjust the board according to the need. Especially, when they have to iron a heap of wrinkled clothes.
4.Venace wall mount built-in ironing board can even be two-folded, reducing the need for space resources to a great extent. Such boards even open up more space to the people to pass by without creating any obstacle.
5.The wall hanging ironing board has some similar features to the normal traditional ironing boards. They have a smooth cotton removable heat-resistance cover that possesses thermostability features. To prevent the dropping out of the cloth, it is tightly attached to the table with screws.
Benefits of Buying Venace’s Wall Fixed Ironing Board
1.The best wall mounted ironing board offered by Venace may not be an inexpensive product, but do not offer a sky-high rate though.
2.The wall fixed ironing board by Venace is designed with advanced technology.
3.The two-fold designed ironing table eliminates the need for huge space in the room. The nomal ironing board you need to order with some ironing board accessories.
4.The 180° rotating feature helps the user to use the table as per their desire.
5.Venace’s wall mounted ironing table can be fixed onto the wall, cabinet, and laundry rooms. And once used can be folded and locked inside a drawer.
Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Wall Mounted Ironing Board

  1. Kate.D

    Very satisfied with the price, do not need to buy ironing board accessories.

  2. Susan.Z

    I love it… and the ironing board cover pattern is clear and nity.

  3. David

    amazing service and price. Boreas followed up every step of the way from China to the US. Product quality was great!

  4. Fewer

    This product is sturdier in use than I imagined. I’ve ironed some heavy items, such as curtains, with no problems. Installation was easy.

  5. Wilson

    I have a small laundry room and just remodeled it this ironing board fits perfect and it’s really sturdy. this is going to last me for a very long time.

  6. Jesse

    Solid. Could use a little more padding but otherwise my wife loves it!

  7. Tateyana

    I love this compact and easy to use ironing board. I mounted it on the wall of my laundry room. That was the tricky part. Mounting instructions are not the best and we had to be creative as to how to make it sturdy when it was not wide enough to mount to the studs. But we worked at it and it is wonderful to use!

  8. Barb

    We have a very small laundry room, so mounting an ironing board onto a wall was a game changer! First, I was concerned that it would look too bulky on the wall but it looks relatively neat. And it is very sturdy and folds easily. I love it!

  9. Mike.J

    My wife loves this iron board, heavy duty

  10. Yan

    Love this ironing board. The mounting board was small for my stud spacing so I purchased a 2×4 piece of plywood from the Depot – worked great, no problems. Being able to swing the board from side to side is a great feature. This is a heavy, well made board – folds easily against the wall.

  11. Faney

    Wow, this ironing board is amazing. Worth every penny. High quality mounting board included. We were thinking about remodeling and moving the laundry room to a large room but this really eliminated the need for that. Make sure you screw the board to the studs, after that this thing isn’t going anywhere and seems like it will last a very long time. As soon as you take it out of the box, you’ll know it’s a quality piece. Want to buy some for family members now.

  12. Karen

    You will not regret spending the money on this! The quality is unbelievable and it even swivels around and so versatile for very tight spaces! Love it!

  13. Sally W

    Fast and Good Quality! Thank you I love it.

  14. Alisa C

    This type is popular in my iron board store for my customers, thanks Venace! Good Supplier

  15. Cristine

    fast shipping, cheaper than others, thank you!

  16. Blue

    Good Supplier, Good Price! I will order more ironing board!

  17. Kate

    very convenient! Venace Wall Mounted Ironing Board is popular!

  18. Janis Barov

    The supplier was willing to make necessary changes to make me happy with my purchase, Thank you.

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