Ironing Board Holder

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This is an ironing board holder, which consists of a basket and a hook. It can be hung on the door. While the basket can store ironing tools such as T-iron and water spray, the hook can hold a T-shaped and X-shaped ironing board. It is a household essential with a removable design.


Product Description

Iron and Ironing Board Holder

  • It is an ironing board holder with iron plating, which can hold X- and Y-shaped ironing board. The hook on the hanging basket is suitable for doors up to 45mm thick.
  • The basket and hooks are detachable. It is easy to assemble.
  • The surface of this ironing board hanger is smooth and shiny with multi-layer plating, which has strong rust and oxidation resistance.
  • Using laser welding, it is exquisite with burr-free surface, smooth and solid welding joints, and well-matched wires.
  1. Most people use T- or Y-shaped ironing boards at home, which need to be put away and placed against the wall after use. If not placed properly, the ironing board will fall over easily. It is also annoying to look around for ironing supplies such as irons and wrinkle remover before ironing clothes each time. With this over the door ironing board holder, you can store your ironing tools and supplies in one place, making it more convenient to iron clothes and making your home tidy.
  • This is a door hanging type product (over the door ironing board holder). It can not be installed on the wall.
  • The ironing board hanger can be used directly after assembly without additional installation.
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