Organizer Storage System Closet Hanger Rod for Hanging Clothes,
Organizer Storage System Closet Hanger Rod for Hanging Clothes,Organizer Storage System Closet Hanger Rod for Hanging ClothesOrganizer Storage System Closet Hanger Rod for Hanging Clothes-2Adjustable Wardrobe Lift RailAdjustable Wardrobe Lift RailAdjustable Wardrobe Lift Rail
Wardrobe Lift


Product Description

Adjustable Wardrobe Lift Rail

Wardrobe lift

Advantages of Wardrobe lift

  • Load capacity 10kg.
  • Adjustable width of the wardrobe:510-660mm/660-890mm/890-1210m.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • For screw fixing to side panels-fixing materials included.


The wardrobe lift is an innovative and extremely handy design for the wardrobe. Clothes can be hung higher up easily with a soft pull downrail, which make full use of the higher available space in the wardrobe. Ensure your wardrobe is exactly as you would like, fit in many wardrobe compositions.

Install our products

You only need to spend a few minutes and prepare some simple tools to install our products.

Adjustable Wardrobe Lift Rail

After installing our product, pull down the wardrobe lift to the lowest, and then hang your clothes on it.

Adjustable Wardrobe Lift Rail

Then gently push the handle up.

Adjustable Wardrobe Lift Rail

The wardrobe lifter will rise automatically, you only need to gently pull down the handle next time you use it.





Aluminum ABS


Aluminum closet rod with silver plastic housing


W:890 - 1210mm / W:35" - 47-2/3"

W:660 - 890mm / W:26" - 35"

W:510 - 660mm / W:20" - 26"


2.35kg / 5.2lbs

Load capacity(kg/lbs)

10kg / 22lbs

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Alumins Tube
The height of the space inside the wardrobe shall be no less than 850mm.
Adjustable width, Suitable for the width of the wardrobe:510-660mm/660-890mm/890-1210m.
10 kg load capacity
Extra Long Arm
Extra Long Arm, easy to pull down for senior people

Pneumatic System
Dual pneumatic tube design, make sure soft return when release the handle.

Rubber Pause Button
Shock absorption

Humanized Handle
Comfortable & nonslip.



L* W *H(inch/mm)

33-4/5" * 6" * 3-1/5"
860mm * 150mm * 80mm

Gross Weight (lb/kg)

5.73lb / 2.6kg


PCS(for reference only)







The normal delivery time is 5 days.


Wardrobe Lift | Hanger
Wardrobe lift is Venace to have representative a patented product, the structural design that its downward stretch is aimed at the middle and high level space that is not easy to be made full use of in wardrobe specially, the integral space utilization rate that can promote wardrobe greatly. The function of falling and rising freely optimizes the process of picking up and putting clothes hanging in the higher position of the wardrobe, bringing pleasant experience to users.
Venace Patent
This wardrobe lift was patented as a utility model and appearance, with patent No. ZL201721609696.3 and L201830421847.6.