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Wall Mounted Fold Down Ironing Board
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Product Description

foldable ironing board

Fold Down Ironing Board Advantages 

Space-Saving Design:

Wall-mounted and foldable when not use it.

Easy installation:

Can be easily installed by connecting several screws and the wall. The procedure is simple and easy to operate.

An innovative Design:

Stable Board, No Wobbling.  No more unsafe, unstable, or wobbly ironing board legs.

Removable Heat-resistant Cotton Cover:

This fold down ironing board comes with a removable and washable cotton cover. The cover is heat-resistant which guarantee the thermostability. Flat surface board allows for nice smooth ironing process.

High-quality Metal Frame:

Made of high quality steel which is durable and lasting.

Easy DIY:

Single Click Release Mechanism.


Ideal for use in apartments, utility rooms, walk-in wardrobes, kitchens, hallways or indeed anywhere that saving space is a priority; The compact wall-mounted fold down ironing board is unrivalled in its functionality and space-saving efficiency.

Wall Mounted Fold Down Ironing Board Size





Swivel angle





Frame: Iron
Cover: Heat-resistant cotton

Board length

1000 mm when opened

Weight capacity

(33-44)lb / (15-20)kg


L42" * W11-4/5" * H1-1/3"
L1070 * W300 * H35mm

Net Weight

10.58lb / 4.8kg

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Easy to Use
When it is put away, you only need to spend very little time to open it.
After installing the product, putting it away will not take up much of your space, and
it is very convenient to use

Heat Resistance
The high-temperature resistant design, with a removable and washable cotton cover,
better protect the clothes you are ironing.

Easy to Install
You only need to spend a few minutes to install it, and we have prepared the parts
needed for installation

Packing & Shipping




43-1/3" * 12-1/5" * 2"

1100 * 310 * 50


12.13lb / 5.500kg











Iron Stand | Fold Down Ironing Board | Fold Out Ironing Board | Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board
What is a Fold Down Ironing Board?
A Fold Down Ironing Board is also wall-mounted designed that can help save a lot of space than just letting the board standing on the floor. The main differences between this Fold Down Ironing Board and the 180 degree Wall Mounted Ironing Board are that the former one is pulling up and down design at a 90-degree angle while the latter one is double-foldable and lean against the wall, needing to open and pull down when using it.
What are the Special Features of the Fold Down Ironing Board?
As mentioned above, this Fold Out Ironing Board is also wall-mounted design, but there are still many differences from the 180 degree Wall Mounted Ironing Board. The former one is pulling up and down design at a 90-degree angle while the latter one is double-foldable design, needing to open it and pull down when using it.
Although it has simpler functions than the latter one, it does not stop if from being the most affordable folding ironing board than the other ones. This Fold Out Ironing Board can satisfy those users who have basic needs in saving space while the other characteristics like the sturdy metal frame and iron stand are still maintained. It is becoming a popular choice for Venace’s customers.
Are you finding the best place for shopping for an iron stand or ironing board? Explore Venace.com for the most affordable Fold Down Ironing Board. Shop excellent and durable products here for better offers.
Wall Mounted Fold Down Ironing Board – A Compact Solution by Venace
A traditional ironing table requires a lot of space in the room. The stands and holders along with the board make the ironing table appear even bigger than its natural look. However, the wall-mounted fold-down metal ironing board by Venace is designed with a completely different technique.
The fold-down wall ironing board differs from wall mounted ironing board by its primary characteristic. The wall-mounted ironing board is designed with a two-fold design and can be lean against the wall after use. But the fold-down ironing board comes with pulling up and down feature at a 90degree angle.
Features of Foldable Ironing Board by Venace
Folding ironing board drawer comes with a 90 degree pulling up and down design feature. Unlike the two-fold ironing board design, the best fold down ironing board just needs to be pulled up when used and simply pushed down making it lean against the wall when remaining unused.
1.Compact design saves a lot of space, allowing the users to keep it even in a small room.
2.Fold in half ironing board can be easily installed just with a few screws and is easy to operate.
3.It comes with an innovative design that includes a high-quality ironing board with no associated risks.
4.Ironing board fabric: It is covered with a removable heat resistant ironing board cover cotton element that can be washed and replaced if wanted. The specialty of cotton ironing board cover is it ensures thermostability, improving the durability of the product.
5.The high-quality metal frame adds a more durable effect to the drawer mount folding ironing board and its white coating eliminates the risk of exposing to rust and corrosion.
The best thing about this wall mounted drop-down ironing board is it can be installed anywhere you want even without some ironing board accessories. Whether it is in your small room, utility room, walk-in wardrobes, kitchen, hallway, or your laundry room, it won’t kill any space, giving your room a smart look.
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4 reviews for Wall Mounted Fold Down Ironing Board

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    We are very satisfied with the manufacturer’s service. All questions were answered in the shortest possible time. If there are problems, the manufacturer always has a solution immediately. The quality of the ordered product is excellent. The material and workmanship are of the best quality and the price was very satisfactory. This manufacturer has a very large selection of materials and many suggestions for our product. We look forward to a long-term cooperation!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Very cheap Wall Mounted Fold Down Ironing Board, and the quality is so good.

  3. 5 out of 5


    On 17 Companies i have contacted, this is the best i could buy from!
    Best Prices, really Kind Personal, Professional, Serious and Fast Answers.

  4. 5 out of 5


    High quality, well packed, quick response, happy experience. Highly recommended merchandise and seller.

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