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custom hinge manufacturers
58g One-Way 4 Holes Concealed Hinge

ITEM NO: 44.42.00000511

This 58g one-way hinge with 4 holes is full overlay. It is an ideal option for frameless cabinets. It’s widely used for kitchen cabinet doors, bookcases, wardrobes, office cabinets, tv cabinets, wine cabinets, and other luxury door connection. This one way hinge is without hydraulic mechanism.



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Venace is a professional custom hinge manufacturer

  • This one-way slide-on concealed hinge is a full overlay hinge.
  • High-quality steel and strengthened spring for long service life.
  • Nickel-plated finish with strong corrosion resistance and antioxidation ability.
  • This customizable hinge is without a hydraulic mechanism.
  • Designed for frameless style cabinets.

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  1. Appearance: no defects such as rough plating, bubbles, pinholes, peeling, cracks, stains, discoloration, and partial absence of plating, etc. Slight water stains on the hinge and the situation that non-major surfaces are slightly rough and uneven in color are permissible.
  2. Usability: No jamming or friction sound when opening and closing the hinge.
  3. Adjustability: The hinge can be adjusted in the range of ±2mm from front to back, left to right, and up to down.
  4. Opening Angle: The angle of the open hinge shall not be less than 95°.
  5. Accurate size and outstanding product consistency are guaranteed by automated production lines.

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Cup Diameter


Cup Depth


Hole Pitch



Cold-­rolled Steel


Nickel Plated


Slide On

Angle of Opening


Net Weight


Door Thickness


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  • This one-way hinge is without a hydraulic mechanism.
  • We are a custom hinge manufacturer from China, custom hinges are available.

Full Overlay




Package Size

Gross Weight/CTN(kg)


Full Overlay




The above container load quantity is the reference value.

The quality of the furniture hinge directly determines the quality of the furniture, the hinge is the connection of the cabinet, but also the cabinet door load-bearing parts, is the most commonly used parts, and our experience with the use of the most profound relationship.

From the hinge material to identify good or bad, the common high-quality hinges on the market using carbon structural steel, first from the hot-rolled steel strip, after further cold-rolled into a thickness of less than 4mm steel strip. Because of rolling at room temperature, no iron oxide is produced, therefore, the cold-rolled steel strip has the good surface quality and high dimensional accuracy, plus annealing treatment, its mechanical properties, and process performance is excellent. And poor quality hinges are very easy to rust after a period of use, which is not only unattractive but also affects the use of hinges.

As a professional custom hinge manufacturer, we will share the simplest knowledge with you, a good hinge can be judged from the following aspects:

  • smooth and detailed appearance surface, hinge steel wall thickness, into the heavier (indicating that the material used is really, good mold, good steel);
  • comes with a hydraulic damper or with the original damper (if it is a soft close hinge);
  • of course, more important is to choose the right experienced and honest manufacturers, reliable hinge manufacturers, and suppliers can let you save a lot of time, but also for you to win the respect of your customers, equivalent to help you make a profit.

If you are a concealed hinges distributor or wholesaler looking for a reliable custom hinge supplier in China, then you have come to the right place, please don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry and we will contact you within 24 hours. We offer high quality and lower than average market price custom hinges and help you to develop into a local market leader. A reliable custom hinge manufacturer not only helps you earn money but also helps you save time! Make an inquiry today!

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