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Dish Rack

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This is a cabinet dish rack with a drip tray at the bottom. The double tier design enables cutlery to be air-dried and make it easy to clean the cabinet.


Product Description

Dish Rack

  • Stainless steel and various sizes suitable for cabinets with different widths.
  • Double layer design: the upper tier can hold up to 36 pieces of plates and the bottom tier can hold up to 80 pieces of bowls. With the draining tray at the bottom, the water on the cutlery will not drop, keeping the cabinet clean.
  • Spring design on both sides of the upper and bottom tier to fit the cabinet.
  • Multi-layer plating: smooth and shiny surface with strong rust and oxidation resistance.
  • Laser welding: exquisite craftsmanship, burr-free surface, smooth and solid welding joints, well-matched wires.
Generally speaking, people are accustomed to putting the cutlery in the kitchen cabinet. However, if the cutlery is not dried in time and put into the wet and airless cabinet after cleaning, it is easy to breed bacteria and leave water stains in the cabinet.
This cabinet dish rack is convenient for people to dry dishes. This 2 tier dish rack provides a one-stop solution, that is, plates can be put in the top rack and bowls can be placed in the bottom rack. The double tier design enables cutlery to be air-dried quickly, thus saving electricity and money, and ensuring healthy eating. And the drainboard at the bottom is easy to clean.
For 500-1000 mm wide cabinets:
  • Please select the appropriate dish rack according to the width of the cabinet.
For 500-1000 mm wide cabinet:
For 500-1000 mm wide cabinet:
The above container load quantity is the reference value.

How the dish rack plays an important role in the kitchen?

As the saying goes: “disease from the mouth”, in addition to eating to health, our dishes also need to maintain health and hygiene. However, our ordinary family with wooden chopsticks, plates, and other simple molds, if you wash the dishes casually shake the water, directly into the disinfection cabinet or cabinet, cabinet due to moisture residue moisture, not dry plates will breed bacteria.

dish rack

Drying dishes directly with a rag, although the surface is clean, but the hidden bacteria in the rag is now covered with the entire bowl. Directly on the countertop and it seems wet everywhere, and it takes up a lot of space… that there is no way to make our dishes clean and hygienic?

At this point, there is a superb dish rack is particularly important.

dish drain rack

Venace this cabinet type 2 tier dish rack is also called dish basket, can also be called dish drying rack. 2 tier dish rack can be used both as a dish arrangement and dish. Bowls, plates, spoons, chopsticks, spatulas … We commonly used things that can be put on the top dishes.

With this good helper, wash the dishes can be put in directly. The bottom draining tray of the dish drainer rack can be removed after the water from the dishes is drained, neither the countertop will get wet, but also will not let the dishes moldy and smelly.

For each tableware up and down the left and right independent partition placement, raised double planning, do not touch the countertop, clean and hygienic.

Quality dish drainer rack for bowls, plates, chopsticks, knives and other things to plan different storage accessories. This dish drainer rack can be disassembled and combined freely to meet different needs of dish storage, and it is also very convenient to install. Thoughtful water tray planning can be pulled to pour water, to avoid the difficulties of wet countertops, maintain the entire kitchen tidy.

In addition, Venace stainless steel dish rack is installed in the cabinet, easy to install and can save space for your kitchen.

Why choose Venace as a dish rack manufacturer?

Venace factory

If you are looking for long-term stable and trustworthy dish drying rack manufacturers, then Venace will be the best partner for you.

1. Focus on kitchen and bathroom storage products for 10 years

Strong production scale and R&D strength as a strong backing, with advanced production equipment and inspection equipment, a collection of professional production staff, professional production capacity to ensure the nature of your products.

2. Seiko quality makes you feel relieved to use

Dish rack are selected food-grade 304 stainless steel material, iron plating material; non-toxic lead-free, brushed process, durable and not easy to rust corrosion; multi-functional large capacity, is your kitchen storage tableware, good helper.

3. Guaranteed delivery time of own factory

As the source dish rack manufacture, more kinds, enough stock, can quickly respond to your extremely fast orders; with 10 years of experience in the industry. Flexible price based on your bulk order quantity, let you save more cost.

4. Professional shopping guide and after-sales service

Pre-sales consultation, in-sales progress tracking, after-sales timely response; three services, dedicated follow-up for you to solve all the problems. To provide new and old customers with satisfactory service, so that you feel save time and save costs at the same time.

Venace is a dish drying rack manufacturer, we have stainless steel dish rack in stock, and our customers are all over the world. We not only control the quality and price to ensure the interests of our customers but also have a complete supply chain. If you need to purchase stainless steel dish rack in bulk, if you are looking for a dish rack manufacturer/ dish drying rack manufacturers, please do not hesitate to contact us to ask for the wholesale price.

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