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7 Smart Strategies for Your Kitchen Remodel Project

7 Kitchen Renovation Tips You should Know

Kitchen renovation can be costly if you are not certain about what you want to improve in your kitchen or whether you really want to have a kitchen remodel. It is a known fact that the kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the house and will likely need to be repaired or renovated after a few years. If you are going to sell your house, you may sell it at a higher price if your kitchen has been renovated.

No matter what your purpose may be for deciding to have a kitchen renovation, these 7 kitchen remodeling tips can help you come up with a sound decision.

kitchen layout

1. Draft a Thorough Plan And Know The Points You Need To Cover

When planning a kitchen remodel, you need to do it carefully. You need to take time and think about what you want for your kitchen. You can avoid costly revisions when you changed your mind about the design. Also, you will be able to stick to your budget if you have planned everything carefully from the beginning.

The NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) suggests that you need to spend six months or longer [] when you want to push a kitchen remodeling project. It can help you avoid changing your mind after finishing a certain part, and then tearing it down again just because you have a change of heart. You also need to consider these points to cover during planning:

– The safety of the child as well as everyone in the household.

Make sure that the countertops and tables have square corners that are curved to avoid untoward accidents. Take note of the proper height that you need to follow when installing the appliances and gadgets in your kitchen – keep them out of young children’s reach.

– The width of the kitchen walkway and work aisles.

You may want to create a new look for your kitchen but don’t forget about the proper spacing. A kitchen walkway should be 36 inches wide or wider. The work aisle should have a minimum width of 42 inches. But if you have too many cooks in your household, your work aisle should be 48 inches wide or wider.

– Quick access to deck, patio, or area where you can entertain guests.

You may want to consider having a new exterior door so you can get out from the kitchen to serve refreshments, lunch, or dinner to your guests on the patio or deck.

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2. DO NOT change the location of water fixtures, outlets, and other things that are already in their best spots

Moving the plumbing pipes to another location will only drive up the kitchen remodel expenses since the workers may need to tear down walls and make sure that the new installation will not have any problems. It is prudent to keep the water fixtures and outlets untouched. There is a chance that the kitchen remodels team might strike something they shouldn’t have while trying to relocate the water fixtures and outlets. To be safe, it is best to keep your current water fixtures and outlets intact.

Also, changing the electrical and plumbing layout in the kitchen may lead to other issues that may affect the entire house, not just the kitchen. For everyone’s safety, do not change the electrical and plumbing layout of the kitchen.

Kitchen Water Fixtures

3. Get The Kitchen Appliances That Are Suitable For Your Needs

Having state-of-the-art kitchen appliances can really elevate the status of your kitchen but if having these appliances is your sole reason for your kitchen renovation project, you may need to reconsider again. The objective that you just have for your renovation must revolve around improving the functionality and design of your entire kitchen and not accommodate a big commercial-grade range and big refrigerator from a known brand to create eye-catching centerpieces.

While it’s true that you need the appliances and tools to help you prepare and cook your meals, they should not be the main focus of your kitchen renovation. However, a concealed storage like base cabinet pull-out basket with knife holder and utensil bin [] can help keep your kitchen organized and orderly.

4. Choose The Right Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting in a kitchen [] . Your kitchen may appear larger or smaller than its actual size due to your choice of lighting. Good lighting can also help you finish your meal preparations in a jiffy.

The right lighting can also make you feel comfortable and relaxed while working in the kitchen. If you want to control the mood and intensity in the kitchen, you may choose to install dimmer switches.

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5. Always Make Sure To Have a Good Quality Kitchen

If you have decided to have a kitchen remodel project, always aim to have a good-quality kitchen. What’s the use of renovating your kitchen when you will only get almost the same quality as before or worse? Aside from functionality and design, you also need to consider the durability of the materials that the kitchen remodel team should use. You must resist the cheap-priced, low-quality materials that will only make you renovate your kitchen after a year or so.

A countertop that has a solid surface may be more expensive than the ordinary one, but it will definitely last way longer than a cheap countertop. Give your countertop proper maintenance.

6. Consider This: You Don’t Need Too Much Space When You Have Enough Storage

The storage never goes out of style no matter what type of kitchen you choose to have. You may want to consider installing a kitchen cabinet that extends up to the ceiling. You need to buy a stepladder to access the highest point of the cabinet.

You may also want to consider providing storage for your once-a-year set of plates. Why don’t you consider having a polished stainless steel dish rack [] ? It has an open structure, which provides ease of access. It is better to choose a dish rack with a spring installation design that allows easier and more convenient installation. The dish rack is a nice addition to your kitchen to keep your plates, bowls, and saucers organized and tidy.

You may also consider 180 degrees Revolving Basket [] that has a smooth surface, adjustable height, and other features that you will surely appreciate.

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7. Talk To Your Remodelers And Make Sure That They Understood Everything That You Want For Your Kitchen

Having a good rapport and camaraderie with your kitchen remodelers can help a lot in making them work fast and on budget. You also need to drop by regularly to check on the development of the project and also ask them if they are fine. This shows that you care as the employer who expects quality work.

Keep the kitchen remodel tips and handy, and you will surely get your kind of kitchen.