Base Cabinet Pull Out Basket with Knife Holder and Utensil Bin
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This product is an pull-out organizer with knife and utensil holder for the storage of condiments, kitchenware, etc. It is indispensable for the kitchen cabinet.



Pull Out Cabinet Drawer Organizer

  • Various sizes for different widths of cabinet: the kitchen cabinet organizer with a wooden knife and fork holder is suitable for a 200-400 mm wide cabinet. Our pull out cabinet organizer for 150 mm wide cabinet is without the knife and fork holder. It is a double-layer basket with a water-catching drip tray and slides at the bottom.
  • Multi-layer plating: smooth and shiny surface and iron-sprayed base with strong rust and oxidation resistance.
  • Laser welding: exquisite craftsmanship, burr-free surface, smooth and solid welding joints, and well-matched wires. The basket body is horizontal and vertical at 90°.
  • Full extension slides: there are more than 16″ slides to ensure that the basket can be pulled out all, making it easy to take out the water catching drip tray for cleaning.
  • Cabinet necessity: this kitchen cabinet organizer is a good solution to the problem of storing condiments, knives and utensils.

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking. Modern people have new requirements for the function of the kitchen, that is, the kitchen storage function (especially basket drawer storage) is more refined. At the same time, people also put forward higher requirements for space utilization, safety, and health.
As essential cooking materials, condiments are used in almost every kitchen. Modern kitchens are required to keep condiments together orderly, easy to put and pick up condiments, and easy to clean. The key design points of this pull out cabinet organizer: 1. more than 95% utilization rate; 2. taking into account both Eastern and Western eating habits; 3. easy to clean.
Based on the above key points, this pull-out basket is designed with a knife and fork holder and a chopsticks holder, and suitable for 200-400 mm wide cabinets. The double-layered design makes full use of the basket space. There are two more than 16” long three-section steel ball slides at the bottom, which can be pulled out for easy cleaning.

For 150 mm wide cabinets:

For 200-400 mm wide cabinet:


  • The product consists of a chrome-plated frame, wooden knife and utensil holders, a plastic chopstick box, a water catching drip tray, and a iron-sprayed base. Please specify if stainless steel is preferred.
  • The slides are three-section ball bearing slides without soft-close.
The above container load quantity is the reference value.

How to choose a kitchen pull out basket

Since the kitchen design and available space of each household are different, and there are many types of kitchen organizer on the market, it is not easy to choose the one that suits you. Let’s teach you how to choose a pull out basket suitable for your kitchen (basket drawer storage), mainly from the following aspects:


Firstly, you need to determine your needs. Whether to buy a basket for dishes or a pull out drawer organizer for seasonings and conditions, or a pull out wire basket, or a basket for high cabinets, blind corner baskets, lazy susan shelf, etc. We are buying a kitchen cabinet organizer to decorate the kitchen. The original purpose is to make the kitchen more tidy and clean with good storage. Therefore, the practicality of the pull out drawer organizer should be the first. The baskets only have fancy styles and are not practical, which violates our original intention of purchasing. It is not worth buying. For tableware pull-out baskets, it is necessary to know whether it has its own ultraviolet disinfection function. For example, the current epidemic situation is so serious that it is necessary to disinfect the tableware at any time.


Be sure to choose the size that suits your kitchen cabinet, measure the size of the kitchen cabinet installation location in advance, and then purchase. Like the magic corner 360° Revolving Basket of Venace, it has four different sizes, corresponding to cabinet Depth of 500/600/700/800mm. Also, not all types of pull-out baskets heavier means better. If they are too thin, there will be hidden dangers in their bearing capacity. If they are too heavy, it will be awkward and inconvenient to push and pull. Generally speaking, the standard size is the best of choice.


The kitchen is an area with a lot of water mist, especially the choice of materials. If it is composed of a single metal (such as iron), it is particularly prone to chemical reactions with oxygen in a humid environment, causing rust and corrosion. At present, most of the market is made of stainless steel, but there are many types of stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is the best. But the price is more higher. The most affordable material is chrome-plated iron. You can see the composition of stainless steel containing metal, and the emergence of new technologies such as electroplating and nano-plating provide better protection for the material.


Because different manufacturers have different complexity and strictness of the production process of the pull out basket, the quality of the material level is different, the brand is different, etc., resulting in different prices. Venace has always been committed to manufacturing low-priced and high-quality products. We believe that products are cost-effective and practical, without blindly following the latest or most expensive products. Consumers only need to choose the most suitable pull basket for their kitchen in the market according to their price budget.

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2 reviews for Base Cabinet Pull Out Basket with Knife Holder and Utensil Bin

  1. David.P

    great basket drawer storage for kitchen! nice customer service!

  2. Kanye.T

    I Purchased 2nd time. Good price pull out wire basket, and delivery is great! Good Service!

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