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Are you looking for the most reliable standing desk manufacturer?  Looking for the best price for standing desk bulk order? In Venace, you can browse various types of standing desks with incredible prices. We have 2 stages single-motor sit stand desk, 2 stages double-motor height adjustable desk, 3 stages dual motor standing desk, L-shaped standing desk, face to face double desk for 2 person, etc., these all support you in wholesale, and will be provided to you at the lowest price. 

Our standing desks manufacturing and business has a history of 10 years, currently serving more than 1,000 agents worldwide, some are sold on e-commerce platforms, and some are sold in offline physical stores. Some of them purchase bulk standing desk  for their company at one time to upgrade their offices. We will give them some advice and guidance, and of course, we will give them the discounts. Even if you buy goods from the most well-known brands, there will be product quality problems. Venace has set a 5-year warranty for the after-sales service in the standing desk business, which overcomes insecurity for most buyers. Not only that, but we give customers a sense of guarantee from the product quality, which will be explained below. If you are wholesale sit stand desk, just keep reading!

Why Choose Venace Standing Desk

——Better Life Better Price

1. More types, More options

Smart office height adjustable desk, as one of the Venace product series, Venace constantly improves its quality standards during the development and manufacturing of the standing desk, and constantly strives to provide the most customizable height adjustable desk solutions, and provide other additional functions and accessories (like cable tray and CPU holder) to meet the needs of home desks, office desks, office workstations and any related environment where the height needs to be adjusted, application scenarios such as study rooms, offices, conference rooms and hospitals.

The height adjustable desks we provide are all easy-assembled desk frame designs to simplify installation requirements to the greatest extent. Each product is composed of electric lifting column, controller, control box, power cable and assembly tools. The Venace height adjustable desk frame series are available in 3 colors, with different styles of lifting columns and optional accessories, which can optimize the use experience of end consumers and are very suitable for distributors to do retail distribution and E-commerce.

2. Customer-first Concept, Professional & Dedicated Service

We work closely with each customer (standing desk wholesalers, sit stand desk dealers, standing desk distributors, building contractors, Office decoration contractors, standing desk bulk buyers, furniture wholesaler,) in the field of office and home furnishing. Manufacturers of height adjustable desk need to work with trusted business partners to provide the highest quality products. As a standing desk supplier, our team understands the special challenges and needs of each customer. At Venace, you will get an unparalleled customer experience and impeccable service. It can even be said that you will enjoy this transaction process, which will be attributed to our efficient sales process and customer service. We clearly know that some standing desk dealers are in a difficult trading situation, so we try our best to be better. So that you can enjoy every transaction with us. You know, generally, you won’t change it easily after confirming your partner. Moreover, doing business with partners who have common ideas and excellent values can have a very good understanding, save time, save costs, save worry, time is cost.

3. We are Unique

Through our rich industry experience and knowledge, combined with advanced production technology, we can help customers find the ideal solution. We attach importance to product quality and end-consumer experience research, and apply it to product development. Compared with other standing desk manufacturers and furniture manufacturers who can only provide standard products, we can provide highly customized products with low cost and high quality.

4. Cost and Quality Control

This is a question we have been thinking about, and what we have been committed to doing. It is necessary to reduce costs while maintaining excellent product quality so that our customers can enjoy them at the same time. How we control the cost, you can refer to:, here are three points of our cost control:

  1. Reduce product categories and favor products with large volume and high frequency;
  2. Reduce the total cost through collective procurement;
  3. Reduce operating costs through digital drive;

Actually, did you know? Quality control is also one of the ways to control costs and reduce costs. Because in all industries, after-sales is the most troublesome and troublesome thing for manufacturers. Only by solving the problem from the root cause, then you can have a lot fewer problems in the after-sales service, and also save a lot of labor costs and service time. Not only that, we will also help our customers solve some of the logistics selection problems to reduce the overall cost, so that customers can get more profits.

How we control the quality, you can refer to:

We have the strictest quality control for the standing desks. Perhaps, you have enough time to visit our factory, we welcome you visit us, and we can introduce the manufacturing process of the standing desk to you in detail.

Cost Quality

Venace has passed the tests of independent laboratories and passed the certification of BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association), meeting the durability, stability and safety standards. In addition, in our standing desk manufacturing base, we moved the Venace standing desk frame up and down 20,000 cycles, and performed a 264-pound test on the table to test its durability. Seriously, we did it. It has been running 24 hours a day without interruption for 3 months. We are also UL Greenguard certified on all our desks, which tells you that the entire platform (not only the laminate work surface) has also been independently tested and meets one of the most stringent chemical emission standards in the world.

Standing Desk Bulk Order

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