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Height Adjustable Desk
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2 stages, 2 columns, dual motors

ITEM NO. 66.61.01210


Product Description

Height Adjustable Desk Scene

Adjustable Height Desk


  • Dual motor lift mechanism provides a smoother height adjustments from 27”-46” being easily operated and motorized to sit or stand while working.
  • 2-stage Legs are in rectangular shape without side holes.
  • LED backlight control panel constantly displays the height of desktop.
  • Programmable digital memory with 3 height settings by managing the button on the controller.

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Frame size(inch/mm)

W(43" - 59") * D25-4/5"

W(1100-1500mm) * D580mm

Gross Weight(lbs/kg)



Frame height range(inch/mm)

27" - 46-4/5"

690 - 1190mm

Permitted Push Force(lbs/kg)

264lbs / Frame

120kg / Frame


Steel (Material Code:RAL)

Max speed

1" / s

25mm / s


RAL 9016(White)

RAL 9005(Black)

RAL 9006(Grey)

Input Voltage



Dual Motor

Operate temperature

0-40℃ / 32-104℉

# of Telescopic Stages




Leg Orientation


Motor life

20,000 times

Size of Exterior Column(inch/mm)

3-1/6" * 2"

80 * 50mm




31-6/5" * 15" * 9"

810 * 380 * 230mm


5 years





Leg Orientation


Frame size(inch/mm)

W(43-1/3"-70-4/5) * D26-3/4"

W(1100-1800) * D680mm

Top size(inch/mm)

W(53-1/6"-70-4/5") * D31-1/2"

W(1350-1800) * D800mm

Column height range(inch/mm)




White (RAL 9016) 

Black (RAL 9005)

Grey (RAL 9006)

Permitted Push Force(lb/kg)

264lb / Frame
120KG / Frame

# of Telescopic Stages


Size of Exterior Column(inch/mm)

3-1/6"* 2"

80 * 50mm

Input Voltage



Steel(Material Code:RAL)

Max speed

1.37" / s

35mm / s



Top height(inch/mm)



Voice Level


Motor life

20,000 times

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Display Pannel
6 button
3 memory position

Frame Color
Black RAL 9005
White RAL 9016
Grey RAL 7045

Recommended Desktop Size
Max width: 70-4/5″ / 1800mm
Min width: 53-1/6″ / 1350mm
Depth: 31-1/2″ / 800mm

Frame Size
Height adjustable from 27-1/6″ – 46-1/7″
Width adjustable from 43-3/10″ – 70-6/7″




31-5/6" * 15" * 9"

810 * 380 * 230

Gross Weight(LB/KG)

52.9lb / 24kg









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Design Concept
Sit to stand desk AIO and sit stand desk are designed with a single motor. The advantage of the single-motor design is that the cost is lower, and the disadvantage is that the load-bearing capacity is relatively small. When a heavier object is placed on the desktop, the motor load is heavier when the height is adjusted. Continuous adjustments will cause the motor temperature to be too high and the motor will be suspended for a while until the temperature drops before the electric stand up desk frame continues to work.
In order to solve this problem, our experts designed a dual-motor driven height adjustable desk. The maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 120 kg(264.5lbs). Compared with the single-motor one, the load-bearing capacity has increased by nearly 40 kg (88.1lbs). In order to increase the applicability of the product to various tabletop, the width of the motorized adjustable height desk frame is designed to be adjustable. From 1100mm~1500mm (43-3/10″ — 59″), this adjustable height desk base can be suitable for desks with a width of 1200~1800mm (47-1/4″ — 70-4/5″), and the height is from 690mm~1190mm (27″ — 46-4/5″). Compared with a single-motor motorized stand up desk, the electric height adjustable desk is taller.

Main Functions and Features

The height is adjustable from 690mm to 1190mm (27″ — 46-4/5″), suitable for teenagers and adults to sit and stand alternately;
Dual motor drive, lifting speed is 25mm/s (1″/s);
With a weight of 120 kg (264.5lbs), it is suitable for people whose tabletop has many office equipments.

Applicable User

People who work from home and are sedentary;
Company office staff;
Adjustable Computer Desk | Height Adjustable Smart Computer Desk
People always say that the Adjustable Computer Desks are with an ergonomic design which is good for users’ bodies. Do you know what are the specific meanings of this design?
An Adjustable Computer Desk (Electric Sit Stand Desk) should be matched with a suitable chair. Move your chair to your work surface, pay attention to the position of your monitor, do you feel comfortable with this height of the monitor? If yes, that would be great; if not, then it is time to adjust the height of the computer desk to a height that is about the arm-length away, the top of the monitor at eye level, and the monitor in line directly. The same things should be considered when you change your position in standing, paying attention to the elements mentioned above and adjust them, it would come out with a position that is scientific.
Actually, an Adjustable Computer Desk is not encouraging people to keep standing, but to well-combined the positions of both sitting and standing. Keep standing for a long time would cause fatigue at work and hence decrease your efficiency. Also, it is not recommended to sit too long either to prevent health problems. A height adjustable standing desk that is with ergonomic design would definitely a good choice for users.
Adjustable computer desks make your working place more comfortable and scientific. You can adjust your Height Adjustable standing Desk according to your height or sitting position. Click Venace.com for more information if you are interested in steelcase height adjustable desk product.
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3 reviews for Height Adjustable Desk

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been very impressed by this desk. I think it strikes a fantastic balance of quality for value. Good Price!!!! I ordered 100 for my company

  2. 5 out of 5


    Love this desk, fast shipping This desk is beautiful. It operates super smooth up or down. It has been the best investment , since I work at home. Shipment came really fast, like promised on the website. Highly recommend this company!! Good service! Cheaper than others

  3. 5 out of 5


    Fantastic product. Good Supplier, good service!

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