use of standing desks

How tall should a desk be ?

Due to the popularity of computers, the number of people who work with computers every day is increasing. Especially in emerging industries such as IT, young people who sit in front of computers every day are generally troubled by cervical spine or cervical muscle pain. Because more and more people suffer from cervical spondylosis, therefore, standing and sitting alternate working mode has become a generally accepted new way of working, standing desk arises at the historic moment. When we start deciding to use lift tables, we face some common problems, such as how long to stand at standing desk? How tall should a desk be? Let me tell you.

How tall should a desk be?

Our industrial design experts have fully studied the human engineering data, the human engineering data shows that the height of the human elbow to the ground, 95% of the male is 1096mm and below, 95% of the female is 1023mm and below. Men and women have different shoe heights, with an average of 25mm for men and 78mm for women, giving men an elbow height of 1121mm and 1101mm for women. The average person works at a desk height with legs that are basically shoulder-width apart rather than close together. This will reduce the height of men by 34mm and women by 31mm.Thus, adjusted elbow height was 1087mm for men and 1070mm for women.

Ergonomic data indicate that the rest height below the elbow is 25-38mm, the rest height of the standing elbow is 1049~1062mm for men, and 1032~1045mm for women. The thickness of our standing desk’s desktop board is 25mm, therefore, the most suitable height for men in standing desk is 1024~1037mm, the most suitable height for women is 1007~1020mm. You may also ask how tall should a standing desk be? how high should a standing desk be? how tall should a stand up desk be? how tall is a standing desk? what height should a stand up desk be? The data above is your best answer.

use of standing desks

When the person is sitting, the correct sitting posture should be 3 perpendicular, crus and ham are perpendicular; The back is perpendicular to the thigh; The upper arm is perpendicular to the lower arm. Because of the influence of the height of the chair, in the sitting posture, the height of the standing desk can maintain the vertical height of the upper and lower arms is the appropriate height.

Now you know how tall should a desk be and how high should a desk be?