Quality Control

The development of a country’s competitive advantage goes through four stages, that is, factor-driven,investment-driven, innovation-driven and wealth-driven. In view of China’s development over the years, it is now inthe stage of factor-driven and investment-driven.

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  1. In terms of production factors, China has the conditions of low-cost manufacturing. First of all, there are sufficient human resources and low human cost. The large labor force in rural areas ensures a supply of workers in low-cost, low-tech industries in the cities. Also, the rise of higher education has provided a large number of well-educated young people, which is particularly beneficial to manufacturing.
  2. In terms of industrial chain, as the only country with all industrial categories classified by the UN, China’s complete industrial chain implies the convenience of industrial supporting, thus greatly reducing the manufacturing cost.
  3. In terms of social security, the favorable political and social environment has guaranteed the production of enterprises and provided stable expectations of delivery and cost, which indirectly contributes to the expansion of the advantages of “Made in China”.

Despite its huge advantages over other countries, “Made in China” as a whole still has some drawbacks, including low value-added products, inadequate core technologies, and the challenge of transforming existing technologies into real productivity due to talent shortages. These ultimately have an impact on the quality and cost of products.How does Venace perform quality control?

Process control and inspection

The purchasing department purchases the equipment and materials according to the purchasing list prepared by the technical department, and the main parts and materials are purchased from qualified suppliers.

All raw materials are required for material report when purchasing.

All purchased materials are required for quality certificates and inspection reports when
purchasing. After the materials are delivered, the person in charge of the warehouse shall convene the quality inspection department, technical department and workshop quality inspectors to conduct acceptance inspection, and handle the warehousing formalities in case of qualification and the return formalities in case of un-qualification.

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Manufacture the equipment in strict accordance with the drawings and related processes, supervised by the quality inspector of the workshop quality control department and the site instructor of the technical department.

Carry out first inspection and self-inspection of all parts involved in the equipment manufacturing, and put the qualified parts into production; Perform process inspection on all finished individual parts, repair the substandard parts or scrap them upon approval of the technical department.

The person in charge of the workshop fills in the approval form of control points for the quality control points specified in the equipment manufacturing process; The quality inspection department convenes the technical department and relevant personnel to carry out spot inspection and form quality inspection opinions of control points; The quality control points shall be monitored with emphasis in production.

After the whole machine is manufactured, the quality inspection department shall convene the technical department and relevant staff of the workshop to carry out pre-assembly, no-load test and penetration test before delivery, and handle the warehousing formalities after passing the inspection.

Fill in the detailed inspection data accurately in the specified form during the whole production process of the equipment.

Carry out pre-assembly and no-load operation of the equipment before delivery (i.e. overall pressure test and operation under no load condition) and form the final product inspection report.

Control point inspection

The process quality control consists of five levels of quality control points, namely H, W, R, E and I, which are set in accordance with the Quality Plan of projects. The inspection of quality control points at all levels shall comply with the following provisions:

Point H: The suspension inspection point, referring to the control point where the customer requires suspending production and checking together with the quality inspector on site. The authorized personnel of site inspection shall sign the inspection record for confirmation before proceeding to the next procedure.

Point W: The witness point, referring to the control point designated by the customer to be notified to be present for witness and sign on the inspection record for confirmation. In case the designee fails to arrive on time as required by the notice, the production department may proceed with the work after self-inspection and the signature of other on-site inspectors.

Point R: The review point, referring to the control point where relevant documents and records should be reviewed and confirmed by the third-party inspection personnel or the personnel in charge of the quality system in addition to the operator’s self-inspection.

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Point E: The inspection point, referring to the control point that should be checked and signed by the on-site quality inspector.

Point I: Random inspection point, referring to the control point to proceed to the next process after passing the self-inspection and mutual inspection by teams and groups, and relevant technical quality inspection personnel may verify compliance by spot check at any time.

  1. At quality control points E and I, all groups (teams) shall make self-inspection records, check the quality control points to be recorded, and fill in the inspection report form for quality inspectors’ confirmation before continuing the next process. Before this, the next professional (process) personnel shall conduct mutual inspection on the quality of the previous process and sign the handover document to clarify the quality responsibility.
  2. At quality control point R, all groups (teams) shall make self-inspection records, check the quality control points to be recorded, and fill in the inspection report form for the confirmation of technicians and quality inspectors before submitting to the technical department.
  3. At quality control point W, the quality inspector shall report to the professional quality engineer of the technical department for inspection and the professional engineer shall report to the customer after passing the inspection.
  4. The quality inspector of technical department shall report the problems raised by customers during inspection to the leaders of technical department in time to seek solutions.