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How to Update Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them

6 Ways to Redo Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them

For most people, cabinets and cupboards are simply accessories that come with a home. Over time, however, these drab extensions of a kitchen or bathroom need a bit of a change.

There’s just one problem. Replacing your cabinets can potentially become quite expensive, especially if you plan to customize them or use a quality carpenter to install them. Not only that but replacing cabinets can take more than its fair share of your time and energy.

A much faster, cheaper, and easier process that will give you a real sense of ownership is simply by remodeling them yourself! We have found 6 great ways you can completely update your kitchen cabinet look without dealing with the headache of outright replacing them.

Take a look and see for yourself!

how to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them

#1. Paint Them

The easiest and fastest way to completely revitalize your kitchen and give you new-looking cabinets is simply by painting them a different color. One of the reasons you may feel the need to change up your cabinets in your kitchen and home may be simply due to their color. Darker colors drain life and light from a room while brighter ones actually add life and exuberance to a room almost immediately.

Painting them is incredibly easy and something you and your family can make a project out of doing over the course of a week. Simply grab a few brushes as well as your favorite color, and you’re off to the races!

#2. Add a Pull-Out Shelf

While this won’t alter the outside appearance of the cabinet, adding a pull-out shelf changes its overall nature and makes it something that feels wholly unique and personalized. In addition, it’s a great way of maximizing the amount of usable space your cabinet may otherwise be wasting.

One of the more popular methods, in particular, is the pull-out shelves. These glide out of the bottom of the cabinet on a tray and can be a great method of storing things that could otherwise not fit on the topmost shelves.

#3. Include Under Lighting Fixtures

Another great way you can completely redesign your cabinets without replacing them is by adding light fixtures underneath them. This immediately turns your kitchen into something out of a magazine.

Not only is this a great option from an aesthetic perspective, adding LED light fixtures is very simple and very affordable. Design them along with your cabinets in whatever color or style you like to give your kitchen or bathroom the optimal look.

These lights are highly versatile and often come with a remote that allows you to control the brightness as well as whether they are on, off, or dimmed. This is an incredible option for your home and something that will really give it its own unique look and flavor.

update kitchen cabinets

#4. Add a Cabinet Molding

A great method of making your cabinets look suave, sophisticated, and completely brand new, is by bringing in a molding. Crown moldings, by themselves, can instantly transform your kitchen and cabinets and give them a ton of personality while leaving your pocketbook relatively unaffected.

Particularly great for those that are skilled in carpentry and using their hands, crown molds can be very inexpensive while still giving off the vibe that you are in a house that should be in Beverly Hills.

Even if you aren’t good with woodwork, hiring a carpenter to help with this will cost you much less time and money than replacing the entire cabinet itself.

#5. Replace The Cabinet Doors

Ok, so when I said you wouldn’t need to replace your cabinets, I wasn’t being completely honest. Luckily this is a super easy option that will offer a ton of variety on your part when updating your new look.

By replacing your cupboard and cabinet doors, you are essentially getting 90% of the benefit of replacing your cabinets while only dealing with 10% of the cost or effort. This will completely change their look and is incredibly cost-effective.

A great option is to include concealed hinges on the door. This will make your cabinets stand out for their appearance without dealing with the unappealing look of a hinge. You can also consider cabinet doors that have flush handles as well, giving your room a more modern and high-end look without the massive budget to go with it.

#6. Wrap-up Your Cabinet Doors

Finally, consider wrapping your cabinet and cupboard doors up. Most wraps are made from vinyl material. This ensures you can have a ton of different designs and patterns that will either alter the look of the cabinets or can make its current look stand out even more.

There are several finishes that you can choose from. There are ones that give a wood or matte look while others have a high gloss or a textured pattern.

Using a vinyl wrap is a great way of helping make your cabinets stand out in a unique way while never outright “changing” the cabinet or cupboard itself. Look into a specialist that can do this and watch how quickly your kitchen looks brand new.


As you can see, there are many different and affordable ways you can completely refit and remodel your kitchen and bathroom without breaking the bank or staying with the old tired looks that may have come with the house.

These options are fast, easy, and can generally be completed during a spare weekend.

Now that you know the different ways you can change up your home as well as how to update your kitchen’s look, which option was your favorite? For me, I personally loved the idea of hiding your hinges. Not only is that a super-simple option, but it’s also one that has some of the most dramatic effects on a cabinet of the group.

No matter which one is your favorite, consider doing as many as you can to create a kitchen look that will truly make you feel like you are in an entirely new house.