standing desk base only

Why choose standing desk base only

Many people currently work from home, and long hours at home make them gradually experience health problems. So they think of buying a standing desk. But for them, buying a full standing desk is too expensive.

It’s obviously that you want a standing desk that offers you ergonomic health benefits. But, your budget may not allow you to buy a standing desk with these features. In most cases, purchasing your own adjustable standing desk frame is a better option that not only allows you to DIY your own style but is also less expensive.

What is the average cost of a standing desk?

Frames can cost between $150 and $450. This does not include shipping, and you are unlikely to find a frame for more than $300. Because most people are looking for the most affordable and good quality, most of the standing desk bases are made in China, and they are almost similar in shape.

Buying a standing desk base is the best option. This is because adjustable standing desk base not only allow you to sub that define your own desktop style, but also allow you to benefit in ergonomics at a low price. The suggestion to you here, it is often said that you get what you pay for, Venace can offer you a longer travel, longer warranty, more reliable, heavier, faster and quieter desk base at a lower price than is common in the market.

standing desk base only

Why choose standing desk base only?

Venace insisted on doing business for B2B customers and some standing desk projects in the early stage, and the standing desk base and the desk top are produced and supplied separately.

After a period of investigation and conclusion, it was found that this kind of transportation will greatly increase the cost and risk, the table top is made of wood, after a long period of shipping process (up to 1-2 months) can easily suffer damage (even when the packaging is extremely tight).

Wooden material, large area, which greatly increases the cost of transportation, and the base and table top are packaged separately, most of them will be divided into two boxes, so the cost of transportation by expressway is incredibly high, almost impossible.

Finally, we advocate the customer is to buy the standing desk base only, while the table top is trying to buy from the local, this is a more reasonable scientific solution. Later Venace also worked hard to find another solution, by developing and producing standing desk base and table top in an integrated package, you can refer to All in one sit stand desk. it is one of the main best-selling products.


I will share with you the experience of an American customer, Zebra, who had to work from home due to the epidemic. Over time, she began to find sore neck and cervical discomfort, so she planned to buy a standing table, embarrassed that her company only provides $ 300 office products reimbursement funds, she found that her ideal standing table are more than this budget.

Then she found Venace article about how to DIY standing desk and get some ideas, she went to Venace’s distributor store to buy our base and then went to IKEA to buy a $50 tabletop, finally, the price does not add up to more than 300 U.S. dollars, she is very satisfied and grateful. This is in line with our philosophy and values of making our customers happy and enjoying a better quality of life at the lowest price.