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Venace Desk vs Workrite Desk vs Officeworks

Headquartered in Guangzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Venace is a professional manufacturer of intelligent standing desk home office products, committed to providing cost-effective and quality products to customers worldwide. Our loyal customers are located in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and we have Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa and Greater China regions. Our main competitors are workrite, officeworks, Fezibo, etc. Below we will focus on comparing workrite desk and standing office desk officeworks.

workrite is a desk company based in California, USA, while officeworks is a office standing desk company based in Australia.

Standing Office Desk Officeworks

  1. Price war – Venace Standing Desk vs Workrite Desk vs Officeworks Standing Office Desk

I looked for Venace’s hottest selling 3 section dual motor standing desk to compare workrite’s Fundamentals EX 48″ x 24″ and officeworks’ Stilford S2, because they are both three section, the only regret is that I searched for a long time in their product page, but could not find the description about whether it is dual motor or not. The more demanding professional buyers will consider this condition. But that’s okay, the two I found are almost the cheapest 3 section standing tables in their store. The prices are $1,430.00 and $699.00 respectively, while Venace’s Standing Desk is $296.00 (without table top, the price of a table top is in the $50-$100 range), so in terms of price, Venace has a definite advantage.

  1. Performance comparison

Compare workrite standing desk and standing office desk officeworks functional aspects, it is best to use the table to illustrate, because this allows you to understand at a glance.

Venace Workrite Standing Desk Fundamentals EX Officeworks Stilford S2

Adjustment speed

1.57″/S 1.6″/S 1.18″/S

BIFMA Standards


UL certified


Finish options

White/Black/Grey White/Black/Grey White/Black

Height range

25.2” – 50.8” 22.5″- 48.7″ 28.3″ – 48.4″

Payload carry capacity

264lbs 220 lb 264lbs


<50dB unknown unknown

Top Size

Customizable 48″ x 24″ 59″ x 30″

In the choice of height adjustable desk, most users will not be little difference, can use it, so will not consider too much, but if you buy poor quality products may regret it. So through my table above you can probably know how you need to compare.


As a long-term discomfort of the shoulder and neck, the height of the table and chair requirements are extremely high, so the purchase of a computer desk suitable for their height has become particularly necessary, for us a good computer desk to bring not only comfortable but also to bring you office, learning rituals. In the office can not stand the height of the table I had to choose the best one to try to get improved.


Standing desks are increasingly present in the office, and many of us sit at our desks for more than nine hours a day on average. One study says that “85% of workers experience discomfort at work,” especially during the day when they can’t change their posture. As more and more companies begin to work on improving workplace health, it’s no wonder that stand up desks are becoming more and more popular.

By comparing workrite desk and standing office desk officeworks, you should have a clearer idea of what the advantages of Venace’s height adjustable desk are. Start enjoying the advantages now.

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