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Where To Keep Your Laundry Basket – The Ultimate Guide

Where To Keep Your Laundry Basket – The Ultimate Guide

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In most homes, the laundry area is compact, creating a mess from the morning till afternoon. Hence, keeping your laundry area clutter-free and clean is the way to smart storage. In small spaces, make use of the room by planning the storage ultimately. Try to utilize the walls and doors available to store the laundry basket. You can keep your laundry items in cabinets, ceiling-high cupboards, hanging spaces, and drawers.

The best part is that you do not need to remodel your entire laundry area to create the storage for a laundry basket. Also, the good idea is to have a detachable laundry basket on wheels, which is easy to store and easy to move. With this, You are not needed to pick the basket and move it in or out.

Where Should You Store Your Laundry Basket?

Trying to find the perfect place to keep a laundry basket for your house might be annoying if you have not chosen the ideal place. You can place it in –

The Bathroom

Many of us take off our dirty clothes when it is time to bathe. So the bathroom will be an excellent place to keep a laundry basket as your family members can directly put their dirty clothes in the basket. Thus, this location works well if you have ample bathroom space.

The Laundry Room

Though the laundry room is not a sensible space to store dirty clothes initially, you need to collect the clothes from different rooms and go to the laundry room. If you will select this option, ensure that you bring the laundry rather than piling it on the floor.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is the preferable option for the placement of a laundry basket. It is simply due to many people change their clothes in the bedroom. It will reduce the chance to throw clothes on the nearby bed or chair.


If you do not like to go for laundry hanging out in the open, the closets near your bedroom or bathroom will be the perfect place. Like the bedroom, it will be staying close to the site where you change clothes, which will not lead to dropping them on the floor. But unlike bedrooms, closets will hide your dirty laundry from your sight, which makes it more preferable.

But, Which One Is The Best?

So these are four places at home where you can keep your laundry basket. However, let us now pick the best one out of these.

  • A bathroom is a good option if and only if you have ample enough space in it. And if you are lacking the area in the bathroom and still placing laundry baskets there, it will make your bathroom look messy, which is not at all a good idea.
  • Second comes the laundry room; it is not preferable because the laundry room can be far off where you and your family members usually change their clothes. But if it is closer, then it is the perfect choice to go.
  • The third one is the bedroom which people also prefer because they usually take off their dirty clothes there. But there can be disadvantages, i.e., bad odor. The bad smell can mess your room.
  • The fourth one is the closet. It is the perfect and ideal choice to keep your laundry basket in closets, cabinets, or drawers accessible in the bathroom or laundry area (if near to bathroom/bedroom).

Again, the choice is yours. If you are thinking of keeping it in the laundry room to avoid mess, then a large laundry basket on wheels is the most appropriate solution. It is easy to stroll without any effort. Also, you no longer need to gather dirty clothes and take them to the laundry room when you can walk the basket.

Some Smart Ideas To Keep Your Laundry Basket On Wheels

  1. Keep it underneath the tables or iron board in the laundry room
  2. Place it in cabinets
  3. You can also store it in pull-out drawers.


Hence, if you are confused about the placement of the laundry basket, check out the above article, which has an in-depth discussion. It will surely help you choose the perfect spot for keeping the laundry basket.