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What Is A Blind Corner Cabinet?

A Guide to Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinet

If you want to remodel your kitchen area then, you need to sort out all problems in your kitchen space and arrange some extra space in that. So, you cannot miss the blind corner in your kitchen area and cabinet. Blind kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest problems in old and traditional homes. The homeowners will have to face problems while they want to remodel and redesign their kitchen cabinets. The blind corner creates while two cabinet frames join together. This place becomes odd and the homeowners cannot use it frequently and comfortably.

what is a blind corner kitchen cabinet

What is a blind corner cabinet?

These types of cabinets are placed and positioned in the corner space of the room. The one base row will hide the other row of the cabinet. So, it becomes dead space. The user cannot use or utilize this space.

  • The blind corner is where the two baseline rows meet and create a hidden space.
  • Kitchen cabinets have this type of space at the right and left.
  • Blind corners can create an amused dead area.

So, now you know what a blind corner is. A blind corner is an unused place. You cannot utilize this space. You will have to remodel this space or redesign it as well. You can find this type of place in your oil kitchen area.

What is a blind corner kitchen cabinet?

In many kitchens, especially in the old kitchen area, you find the blind corner kitchen cabinet. In the kitchen area, you cannot use this kind of dead space. So, if you find this type of unused place in your kitchen, then, you should remodel this and find a suitable solution.

Here are some corner cabinet solutions that will resolve your problem:

Lazy Susan: It is one of the easiest solutions that a homeowner can deal with in a blind corner space. You need to install a revolving tray there. This revolving tray is known as Lazy Susan. This simple tool or gadget can help you a lot to use your cabinet better. You can select various types of Lazy Susan revolving trays. You can get the revolving rotation with every type of Lazy Susan.

Half Moon Shelves: As you can see, Lazy Susan is easy but it is not out of flaws. On the other hand, Half Susan is known as Half Moon Cabinet. These types of cabinets are bigger and you can get enough space to rotate them. Apart from this, you can get easier access as well with these half Moon Shelves.

Diagonal Cabinet: This is another option that you can use and install to deal with the blind corner cabinet space. The large doors will pace on both sides diagonally.

The design of this cabinet space hidden the blank and dead area. If you want a perfect kitchen area then, you will have to install the diagonal cabinet in your kitchen space. You can get easier access and more space due to this cabinet.

Corner pull out drawer: This type of drawer will look like the usual form of a drawer. This type of drawer will look like an odd shape. But it is very much useful. These types of drawers are longer and you can put so many items in them. But you will have to know that the corner pull-out drawer is only applicable for the base cabinet.

Magic Corner: If you see what magic corners are then, you know why the name is like that. It is one kind of interior hardware tool that allows the metal rail shelves. You can swing it out to open the door of the cabinet. You can put heavy types of pots, utensils there inside the magic corners.

What Are The Dimensions of A Blind Corner Cabinet?

Blind corners have some popular solutions. So, as a homeowner, you need to install the blind corner cabinet to utilize the dead space. The dimension will depend on the manufacturer. The manufacturer uses a specific type of kitchen cabinet. The size of the blind corner kitchen cabinet may vary. But most of the blind corner cabinets have some similar size. This type of cabinet may have some sort of different overlays. These blind corner cabinets are frameless or inset styles. You may get a full-sized cabinet or else you can get a pull-out drawer-type cabinet. The standard dimension or size of the blind corner cabinet should be 36 inches in width. The height should be 34.5 inches and the depth should be 24 inches.

what is a blind corner kitchen cabinet

Blind Corner Cabinet in the Left or Right?

But you may wonder how you can determine the left and right of the blind corner cabinet? You can figure it out in the easiest way. You will have to stand in front of your cabinet then, you need to open the door of the blind corner cabinet. If you open the cabinet door towards your right side then, you must have a blind left corner cabinet. If you open the cabinet door towards your left side then, you must have a blind right corner cabinet.

You can figure it out with the help of another way. You need to assume the whole view of the cabinet from the top portion of your blind corner kitchen cabinet. The unused portion of the cabinet is considered as the blind space or dead space. But after all your efforts, if you cannot figure it out then, you should call the expert solution who can identify it and make you understand as well. You should hire the best and experienced company that can serve you better and provide you with suitable and durable products. The product quality is very much necessary to check. You will have to check their previous work. From their past works, you can get a full-proof idea about their neatness and cleanliness. So, as you can see, blind corner cabinets can resolve your blind space in your kitchen cabinet or room cabinets.