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6 Best Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

6 Popular Options to Design your Kitchen Ceiling

Do you consider the kitchen ceiling only near the end of your renovation? If the answer is yes, you’d better start the process now because it will take some time. What kind of ceiling can you use to create a perfect kitchen? Not quite like other kitchen compositions, you can’t easily throw away the ceiling or deal with it when it suffers damage easily. Fortunately, there are many sophisticated and practical kitchen ceiling materials to choose from, such as coffered ceiling, tray ceiling, kitchen ceiling tiles, kitchen ceiling beams, etc. In kitchen design, people often ignore the ceiling design. In fact, the kitchen ceiling design is also very important. This article will give you some ideas on how to choose a kitchen ceiling.

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1. Coffered Ceiling

If you tend to like a graceful and elegant kitchen with texture, a coffered ceiling will help to add the vibe. A coffered ceiling consists of different shapes like squares, rectangles, hexagons, triangles, etc. Such an idea can expand your kitchen space visually, and create tones of elegance and wealth. You should not forget to set the leave at the minimum height of 8 feet if you choose a coffered ceiling.

2. Tray Ceiling

A tray ceiling is an eclectic option for adding the sense of height if you want to make your kitchen look larger than it is. This ceiling can satisfy multiple design needs with a recessed center, which provides potential lighting space. You need to measure the height of your kitchen before you decide to apply tray ceilings. Otherwise, the structure in a room with an insufficient space may make you feel oppressed. You should also get ready to embrace the potential difficulty of cleaning and painting.

kitchen ceiling ideas

3. Vaulted Ceiling

A vaulted ceiling with a curved arch will make your kitchen more eye-catching. Typically, a vaulted ceiling is very high, making the kitchen space impressive. It is a great idea to use this type of ceiling if you aim to get an airy and bright kitchen.

4. Shed Ceiling

If there is no floor above the ceiling in your house, the shed ceiling will also be a good option for you. A shed ceiling is a vaulted ceiling with an angle up or down for one side in a slight tangent. Such a ceiling can help make your kitchen fun and refreshing by creating uneven wall height. You can paint the wood beams to match your kitchen decor or keep the rich original texture. Another advantage of shed ceilings is that they benefit from better ventilation for the kitchen.

5. Beam Ceiling

Beam ceiling has become increasingly popular in modern kitchen design. Your kitchen will be of great architectural interest with exposed linear beams and look more spacious than it is. By painting the exposed wood, you can create the style you want such as a natural sense in your kitchen.

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6. Tiles

Compared with other ceiling types, ceiling tiles may be less decorative. But the obvious advantage is that this ceiling is easy to clean and install with much lower prices. More and more styles and patterns are available to fit modern kitchen decor.


As the heart of your home, your kitchen deserves to be carefully designed from every aspect. This article has provided several ideas for kitchen ceilings for your reference. Now, start brainstorming, choose one to match the style, and work for your dream kitchen.