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How I Got Release From Busy Housework

Being a full time housewife means busing yourself in the house all the time – it seems an endless running competition in life. I am a housewife, however a happy one. I’m good at keeping my house and I enjoy it very much. Dealing with cooking, washing, ironing, organizing or gardening is never a torture for me at all. I get passion doing the things, what’s more important, I have got tips.

This time I will show you how I turned our messy wardrobe into a brand new one with some very classic and functional wardrobe accessories.

♦ A slide-out Pant Rack

My husband’s stack of pants used to make things difficult on me before I got a slide-out pant rack fixing on the wardrobe. I usually spent much time ironing and folding the pants before I set them down in the wardrobe. However, on another countless occasions when I saw the chaos soon after my husband felt for his ‘black or blue pant’, I eventually sense the urge to change something!

I had a dual-row top-mounted pant rack. Perfect space utilization of the top cabinet with the rack centrally mounted on its top. No more wrinkles, no more disorder. My husband doesn’t pose questions as ‘Where is my striped trouser’ or ‘Did my cotton pant get ironed’ any more. What you see is what you get. I finally get release from repeated ironing and question.

wardrobe accessories spiral clothes rack

♦ A 360° Spiral Clothes Rack

I love beautiful coats of various styles and have piles of long dresses there for options. Yet I didn’t get the hints of installing a spiral clothes rack for them until we had the pant rack. Consequently, a steel spiral clothes rack was set at the corner cabinet of our wardrobe latter.

You can see the spiral clothes rack is in a spiral ‘S’ shape. I hang my husband’s shirts on the rack’s low part and put my coats & dress from short to long on its higher part. The rack has very strong support for at least 40 hangings, thus we can easily get access to our clothes without even moving a step — the turning mechanism enables pivoting by 360 degree . I do love this user friendly design!

♦ Other wardrobe Accessories

Apart from the clothes rack that I referred to above, I equipped some more other wardrobe accessories as the tie rack, jewelry tray and wardrobe laundry hampers.

In my case, the main purpose of the wardrobe accessories are for convenience and organization in daily life. I have to say these assistant wardrobe fittings really help much in my day to day housework. They save time and improve the quality of my job in many aspects. I can’t imagine going back to days without a functional wardrobe any longer.

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