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Perfect Hideout – Pull out Laundry Hamper

We already know that Venace Household provides a series of characteristic wheeled laundry hampers / laundry carts for options. Those strong hampers are all made of pure cotton canvas and are really popular among our customers for both home & commercial use.

laundry hamper

Pull-out laundry hamper

However, considering the wheeled hampers as always independent from the closet, people sometimes want option of getting the laundry hampers part of their closet instead. And that’s why I go on introducing a slide-out portable laundry hamper for you.

♦ Perfect Hideout For Dirty Laundry

When busy as a bee you never seem to have time to deal with the pile of dirty clothes before weekend. But isn’t it annoying to face the messy stack? Yes, it is. Yet don’t worry. This is what the slide-out laundry hamper / laundry bag can help you out of. Just a slight push, perfect hideout! Alternative pillow towels, coats, ties, pants, dolls and many get organized, out of sight.

♦ Smooth Sliding-in-out

As see in the picture this laundry hamper is with an Aluminum frame running on the stainless steel slides, and it carries couple potable Oxford-cloth bags. The brand of slides is alternative. They can be 3-section ball bearing slides of Germany Hettich or of Chinese Patent. Not the bias, both kind of slides ensure very smooth sliding-in and sliding-out.

♦ Movable Light Laundry Bag

The frame has adjustable range of width at 0~210 mm, according, different sizes of laundry bag are available to fit the cabinet sizes. The laundry bags are made from Oxford-cloth, as mentioned above, so they are light and durable. You can move them by the steel rods very easily from bedroom to laundry room, car or somewhere else.

Moreover, it is necessary to mention that the laundry hamper is not limited to wardrobe mounted. To mount it at kitchen cabinet or likewise cabinet is advisable as well. So if you need a portable light hamper bag to help with, take it.

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