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Kitchen Of Dreams

It’s already close to the end of 2017, how is your plan of installing the kitchen of your dreams? Or are you still planning to make a big statement next year?

As one of new homes developers, I know how much we want our big kitchens to behave. Since houses are not limited to ‘places’ to us, we try to bring specific ideas of life into the performance of all parts of our house. With this in mind, we ask for more of our kitchens. They should serve as a hub for cooking, dining and even socializing. We assume that our kitchens stay in the most contemporary style and with a perfect combination of both form and function, at the highest standard.

Actually it is not merely an assumption at all with all the technological advances and innovation that people have today. A complete industrial network of kitchen fabrication, including the cabinets, appliance, gadgets, hardware, kitchen accessories and fittings or so, makes professional service so accessible. Manufacturers, designers and installers are willing to respond to consumers’ various demand at any time.

kitchen basket

♦ My Kitchen Of Dreams

My kitchen is now under construction. If you ask, ‘concision, practicality and easy operation’ are the main points.

In my primary plan, the big kitchen will have an open structure which is really user friendly. With a terse design of appearance, all of the fittings, appliances and other parts are organically combined into a harmonious entity. I will definitely make good use of any space in my kitchen. Given that, any kitchen accessories or cabinet hardware that does good for better storage will be in my shopping list. And I think the Drawer Basket and Magic Corner are indispensable for fabulous storage. Moreover I will be please to have a Multi-tier Larder Unit to store all my groceries as well.

Happily I will see how it goes sooner. Can’t hold back excitement.

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