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Materials You Should Never Use In A Kitchen Remodel

7 Materials You Should Avoid to Use In Your Kitchen

Are you a homeowner, and you have wanted to add more fun and excitement to your kitchen by upgrading to a certain quality? If yes, you should consider keeping off certain types of kitchen materials during this process for you to achieve this. The construction authority might have blacklisted these materials, or the materials might provide poor quality.

These materials may range from synthetic to natural ones. Thus when remodeling your kitchen, keep off those materials. But, on the other hand, do you want to remodel your kitchen? Still, you don’t have an idea of the materials to avoid in the process, read through and find out those materials you should avoid like a plague when remodeling your kitchen.

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1. Cheap vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring provides a variety of great looks and textures. Those appearances include the wood grain planks and the tile sheets, which designers find easy to install. Most individuals prefer vinyl floors in their kitchens as compared to the tiled floors and hardwood ones. The primary reason is that vinyl floors are easy to install and also economical. However, this cheap vinyl floors don’t last long as they are susceptible to moisture. A small spill or leakage from the sink or appliances with some water will cost the floor. Furthermore, the leaks cause an irreparable bubble in the floor. Lastly, the cheap vinyl floor can become dingy with time; thus, it is advisable to keep off the cheap vinyl floors instead of using tiled floors.

2. Cheap thermofoil

Most designers prefer to use thermofoil for cabinet doors instead of wood. Thermofoil is the product of heated vinyl molded into a smooth surface over fibreboard wood. This smooth surface of the thermofoil is scratch-resistant; thus, most individuals consider it in most kitchens. However, the cheap thermofoil is not durable when placed near dishwashers. The main reason is that thermofoil is not heat-resistant, as, with time, it will warp and get off. Therefore, even though the cheap thermofoil is budget-friendly, it will not serve you for a long time in the kitchen.

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3. Carpeting

When you plan to remodel your kitchen, your mind’s possible thought is to make the floor also beautiful. Carpets insulate the kitchen floor and also make the floor attractive. While it is a good idea to embrace carpets for the floor, it comes with its limitations. While cooking or having meals in the kitchen, food substances may drop off to the carpet. These food particles may stain the carpet, resulting in a deep patch that you may find hard to clean. The stains might as well come from the various cleaning detergents. It is better to avoid carpets in your kitchen while remodeling; who wants to have a stained kitchen floor.

4. Matte or flat paint

If your dream is to remodel your kitchen, including the paintings on the walls, it will be better to stay away from matte or flat paints. Flat paints provide the kitchen with a rich and beautiful appearance; however, these painting products are not better suited for the kitchen. You should avoid this type of paint because when you accidentally splash food or drink on the walls and try to wipe it off, the paint tends to come off together with the foods. Furthermore, matte paint is suitable for collecting dirt, and when you start cleaning, by wiping the dirt, the dirt comes with some of the paint’s grime. The paint coming off with the food leaves patches on the walls, making the wall look uglier. Manufacturers recommend only gloss paints as the only paints to paint the kitchen because they are easy to clean without the grime coming off.

5. Marble countertops

Marbles are one of the modern kitchen cabinet materials the designers use to give the kitchen countertops a gorgeous look and provides heat-resistant property. These materials are most popular in kitchen cabinets as they offer an attractive appearance in the kitchen. However, the marble countertops come with a high maintenance cost. The high maintenance cost is because for marbles to look more beautiful, and attractive the house owner should clean them often. Furthermore, marbles are easily scratched, so much care is needed when working with marble countertops. Marbles countertops are also vulnerable to stain from wine, juice, and oils, which are difficult to reverse. Keeping children away from the marble countertops is one way to improve the lifespan of the marble countertops because they may end up scratching them easily. Find the best countertop materials in this guide.

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6. Laminated cabinets

Laminating kitchen cabinets makes them look pretty classy and attractive as they have a very glossy shine. However, when remodeling your kitchen, avoid laminated cabinets because these cabinets are not resistant to heat and moisture. These properties make it not ideal for including the material while remodeling your kitchen. Furthermore, Laminated cabinets usually peel off after using appliances such as dishwashers and ovens. The cabinets usually peel off because the laminate the designers pressed together may become loose and start lifting. You will need to replace or repair the cabinets regularly; this increases the maintenance cost of the kitchen cabinets.

7. Lacquer cabinets

Most designers create lacquer cabinets from modern kitchen materials, making them trendy and attractive in your kitchen. Unfortunately, these materials come with a lot of cost on the maintenance. Lacquer cabinets, despite giving the kitchen an attractive appearance they so fragile. If you slightly bump into them, they get scratches and dents. Scratches and dents on these materials are very costly to repair since they required a skilled professional. More so, Lacquer cabinets are prone to staining. Thus you may end up using a lot of resources to maintain them.

While it is important to remodeling your kitchen to meet your personal preferences and have a gorgeous view, you must be very careful with choosing the types of kitchen cabinet materials you are using for this. To achieve this, you should keep off some materials most individuals consider as modern kitchen cabinet materials may not be durable; they don’t provide an attractive appearance. Furthermore, your dream kitchen should not come at the expense of your health, so stay away from the materials that may cause health effects to you and your family or anyone using the kitchen.