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How to Hang Your Ironing Board on The Wall

Four Practical Ironing Board Storage Ideas

Storage reigns supreme in the struggle to be organized. Storage is especially important when it comes to your laundry. If your spouse does not want to be constantly annoyed by your dirty house, you may need to locate storage for all of your belongings. Iron boxes and boards are two must-have house accessories that you should not be without. Ironing accessories are quite handy, but determining where to keep them is a major challenge for most homeowners. They are lengthy and may open up without notice, ruining or injuring your child. Surprisingly, keeping an iron accessory isn’t as complex and tough as most people believe. Using a few storage strategies, you can safely store your board while also satisfying your storage needs with smart, practical, and reused solutions.

how to hang up an ironing board

1. Put it up on the wall.

You won’t have to conceal your ironing accessory behind closed doors, in closets, or below furniture. You may choose to exhibit your boards, and you may find yourself researching how to hang up an ironing board. This is one of the easiest ironing accessory storage solutions. Isn’t it adorable to lift your boards off the floor and put it on the wall? This might be the ideal option for DIY enthusiasts who want every answer for every accessory in their home. How nice would it be to hang an ironing accessory on the laundry room wall? The good news is that you no longer have to worry about the boards becoming a tripping hazard or taking up too much valuable space. As a result, it is a risk-free solution for everyone with children. 

2. Make use of heavy-duty wall hooks.

When not in use, conceal your ironing board with well-placed and heavy-duty wall hooks. It appears to be much quieter than when you decide to stuff your ironing accessory into a cluttered cupboard. It’s one of the simplest ways to keep your boards without having to worry about a cluttered house. You may buy an ironing board with the hooks. Or, you can buy the hooks separately and mount them on the wall. Simply ensure that the hooks are adequately spaced apart during installation to aid in the attachment of the iron boards.

3. Use a DIY ironing board hanger.

You may take the DIY ironing board hanger route for some basic iron board storage. If you want to save room while still creating a stunning wall aesthetic, an ironing board hanger is a great option. It’s basic but effective in keeping you organized. You can always get homemade ironing board hangers online or at local craft stores. The good news is that it is a do-it-yourself activity and you only need to attach the hooks on the wall and then hang your iron accessory. 

It’s an ideal option for anyone who is stuck with ideas while waiting for permanent board storage to come. Simply secure your ironing boards to your selected location and hang them. It’s really simple!

4. Use an iron holder to hang your ironing board.

It will never be difficult to mount an iron board on the wall. With the abundance of online and physical businesses, you will never be without an ironing board holder. The good news is that most of these holders will also allow you to store the iron. The upper crate will hold your iron, and the hooks will hold your ironing accessory.

It’s a creative approach to making the most of your available space. You won’t have to worry about installation because it comes with instructions. You’ll be shocked at how quickly you can install the board holder in a matter of minutes. It’s an ironing board storage idea that every homeowner should consider.

foldable ironing board

Final Thoughts

Ironing will always be a nuisance in every family, but keeping your ironing boards doesn’t have to be. You’ll be smart enough to come up with one option for how to put up an ironing board if you become creative and function with the space you have. You’ll be astonished at how quickly you can come up with an excellent storage solution for your ironing board and other household items.