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A Step-by-step Guide to Venace’s OEM Production

What is Venace’s OEM order process?

OEM is a cooperation mode for two companies to build up a long-term relationship. While OEM manufacturers can get stable orders, clients can build up a stable supply chain for products under their brand. Prior to OEM production, both parties must agree on quality standards and packaging requirements.

Here’s a complete guide to OEM production at Venace. You can find out how we process your custom furniture hardware or custom kitchen cabinet hardware order. And you will be more clear about the responsibilities of both parties in the cooperation. 

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Our Aims

As a professional furniture hardware OEM supplier, Venace is committed to a long-term, stable and win-win relationship with customers. We aim for:     

  • Consistent quality;
  • Well-planned order;
  • On-time delivery.

Work Instructions

图片1 Determine product quality standards Quality standards are the foundation of OEM production and the key to avoiding potential disputes. Commonly, Venace provides the customer with quality standards to define product specications and inspection requirements. We will send a sample and quality standards to the customer. A written confirmation of quality standards from the customer is required. The confirmation means that both parties agree that future quality inspections will be conducted based on the sample and the confirmed quality standard.


Determine the expected order quantity and order frequency Planned orders guarantees timely delivery. Customers shall inform us of their expected order quantity and order frequency. Our factory needs to adjust our production lines to deliver the goods on time and coordinate different orders.  

It is recommended that you make an order monthly or quarterly. With advance planning, we are capable of delivering the goods within 30 days.



Determine the packaging and packing method The packaging of products and the loading method greatly affect costs. Take hinges as an example. The cost of 2 hinges packed in a plastic bag is not the same as 200 hinges placed in a carton. Likewise, when loading containers, stacking of the cartons is not the same as using pallets for loading. If pallets are used for transport, wooden pallets also need to be fumigated.
图片4 Determine user instructions The customer needs to confirm the language to be used in the product manual. If there is any special requirement that needs to mention in the manual, the customer should inform us in advance.
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Determine the port of departure Venace will provide customs clearance services in China. The customer needs to inform us of the port where the goods are to be received by the freight forwarder.

Usually, Venace carries out export customs clearance procedures at  Huangpu Customs, Shenzhen Customs and Shantou Customs of China.

图片6 Quote to customers Once the above information has been confirmed, Venace provides the customer with a FOB quotation, and both parties negotiate the price to reach an agreement.
图片7 Customer authorizes use of LOGO After agreeing on the negotiated price, the customer should send Venace the product logo and printing requirements. The customer should provide a letter of authorization to use the logo and proof of ownership of the logo to prevent trademark infringement.
图片8 VENACE makes an OEM proposal Based on the above confirmed information, Venace makes an OEM production plan, which should be signed off by the customer.
图片9 Sign an order contract After approving our OEM production plan, the customer signs a purchase order, and then Venace arranges production.
图片10 Carry out an outgoing quality inspection of products


Once the order is complete, Venace will carry out a product sampling inspection in accordance with the company’s product inspection requirements and quality standards. We will send the inspection report of every batch of products to the customer.
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Packing & Loading The customer should inform Venace of the shipping date. Then we will arrange to load the containers according to the date. The general loading method is to load heavy cargo first and then the light cargo, making the best use of the container space.

Venace will inform the customer’s freight forwarder of the booking number, container number, seal, vehicle number, and driver’s contact details. We will also send the photos of the containers to the customer.

图片12 1 Export customs declaration Venace is responsible for export customs procedures and sending the bill of lading to the customer.


  1. The order must reach a certain quantity (usually at least a full container). Otherwise, we can not make production.
  2. The price Venace offers is FOB price. We are responsible for the delivery of the goods on board the ship and export clearance. Once the goods are placed on board, the customer shall bear the obligations and all the costs thereafter. It will be a wise idea to ask your import agent or freight forwarder to calculate your import costs.

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Why Choose Venace?

Founded in 2011, Venace is a professional OEM furniture hardware and household products supplier from China. As one of the best custom kitchen cabinet hardware manufacturers, we offer custom kitchen cabinet hardware such as concealed hinges, drawer slides, gas spring, etc.

Our production base covers an area of over 80,000 square meters, integrating R&D, OEM manufacturing, and packaging. More than 10 automated production lines ensure our strong production capacity. We carry out a strict quality control with ISO 9001 certification. 

If you are looking for a reliable hinge supplier, contact us now! We can offer you competitive prices, premium quality, fast delivery, flexible production and strong marketing support.

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