3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides
3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides
3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides


Product Description

Soft Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

About the advantages

Ball Bearing – Solid steel balls make the opening and closing more smooth

Single Extension

Easy installation without additional tool

Soft Close – Silent system to close the drawer quietly & gently

Use good quality material to ensure the quality

Good plating and well finish

Automatic assembling, accurate size

Fast production time

Good after-sale service

3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Drawer Slides Diagram

Manufacturing products in today’s industry is challenging and complex. When you need in stock drawer slides, we can help. We have a large inventory of ball bearing drawer slides from 12″ to 24″ in stock. We are ready for you to order in bulk and quickly. Hardware accessories for kitchen cabinet must be effective and exceptionally reliable, and Venace offers many types of ball bearing drawer slide solutions that have undergone challenging tests in the factory floor for load evaluation and quality. Many of our drawer slides are made of various corrosion-resistant materials and have additional features such as heavy duty, soft close, extension, and locking.
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Storage Holders & Racks











Surface treatme

Eco-friendly Powder Coating


Customized Logo Acceptable

Dimensional tolera


Weight tolerance




Applicable Space


Thickness Control

Mainly in the rolling machine forming process of continuous inspection and measurement of thickness, after deviation, timely adjust the mold until the range of the required parameter. The thickness of cabinet drawer slides should be controlled at 12.7 ± 0.2 mm.

The Locking Force

The size and material requirements of locking grain should be strictly controlled, and
the size requirements of inner rail closing should be controlled well, and the pulling force should be between 12-15 N, Most of the qualified locking drawer slides are tested thousands of times.

Noise Control

In order to control the noise, the roundness of the steel ball should be controlled above grade 3 and the hardness should be controlled between 50-80 degrees. This is the key point of quality control of our soft close drawer slides.

Distance Control

Pull out the slide rail to the state without the slide rail. Use a vernier caliper to measure the position and thickness of the three guide rails on the slide rail, and use the average of the three points as the final parameter value.

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We are committed to providing users with high-quality products and services. This is our original intention and goal. We regularly visit customers to obtain suggestions and improve our products and services. At the same time, we will pay attention to market changes, develop new products, and provide our client.
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Quality Control

Quality Control

If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then the drawer slide is the kidney. The cabinet of large and small drawers can be free and smooth to push and pull, how the weight bearing, all rely on the support of the drawer slide. From the view of current technology, the bottom slide is better than the side slide, the whole connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection one. The material, principle, structure and process of drawer slides vary widely, and the quality slides have low resistance, long life and smooth draw-off.



The most mainstream will be divided into roller slider, ball bearing drawer slider and gear slider respectively, representing different stages of evolution of slides. Roller slides appeared a long time ago, for the first generation of silent drawer slides, currently in the cabinet use has been slowly replaced by the ball bearing drawer slides.

Roller slide structure is relatively simple, by a pulley, two tracks, can cope with the daily push and pull needs, but the load-bearing capacity is poor, also does not have a buffer and rebound function, commonly used with computer keyboard drawer, light drawer.

Gear slide is hidden drawer slide, riding horse drawer slide and other slide types belongs to the high-grade slide, the use of gear structure so that the slide is very smooth and synchronized, such slide also has a soft-close or press the rebound open function, mostly used in the high-grade furniture.

Ball bearing drawer slide is basically a two-section, three-section drawer slide, more commonly installed on the side of the drawer, installation is relatively simple, space-saving. Good quality ball bearing drawer slide can ensure smooth pushing and pulling, load-bearing capacity, such drawer slides can have soft-close or touch release. Ball bearing slide has become the main force of modern cabinet and closet slide.

ball bearing drawer slides

3 section ball bearing drawer slides
At present, the most used in cabinet accessories is the 3 section ball bearing drawer slides. This drawer slide structure will include three members, with an intermediate member located between the cabinet and drawer members. Only the drawer and intermediate members move; while the cabinet member remains fixed to its location within the cabinet structure.
A Self-Close drawer slide, also includes a closing device, with springs, but does not include a damping cylinder. The engagement of the drawer member is similar, and once engaged with the device, the drawer quickly closes at the last inches of closing distance.

Self-Close drawer slide

Soft-Close Device


From the application point of view

Length: The length of the drawer slide refers to the length of the outer member, generally from 12″~24″.

Loading capacity: different slides have different loading capacity. China’s national standard “QBT 2454-2103 Home Hardware – Drawer Slide” the standard is that the loading capacity force for home use is 150N, commercial use is 200N.

From the quality point of view

Appearance: how well the surface is treated, there is no trace of rust.

Smoothness: slide all pulled out, inverted and then see if the slide can return to the initial position, so as to detect the smoothness of the slide.

Structure: see whether the slide’s members are loose.

Noise: fast pulling whether there is noise issued.

Material thickness: the thickness of the material used for the drawer slide. The thinner the material, the lower the loading-capacity, the worse the quality.






L* W *H(MM / INCH)




Gross Weight(KG / LB)18inch

16.6KG(KG) / 36.6(LB)

Container Size

Product Num








By Express: DHL, UPS, or FedEx (Sample, Usually less than 10 pcs);
By Sea: FCL, LCL (Formal bulk order);
By Air (Rush order);
By Multimodal transport;
To ensure the purchased products be shipped cost-effectively, as a professional drawer slides manufacturer, we will help our clients to find the best solution to ship the goods in an economical and efficient way. Considering the weight and cost, most of the time, the bulk drawer slides customers are used by sea, and if need the sample we are using the expressway.

Lead Time

To be negotiated, most of our products have sufficient stock, the estimated date will vary depending on your choice. The prerequisite is that you need to confirm the delivery date and shipping date with us.
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