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Essential Kitchen Tools Checklist

When it comes to all kinds of Kitchen Essentials, there are two simple classification methods. According to the use of occasions, there are commercial and household kitchen essentials. The Commercial Kitchen Essentials are applicable to hotels, restaurants and other large kitchen galleys. While the Household Kitchen Essentials are generally for domestic use.

According to the product purpose, the kitchen essentials can be divided into five categories. They are respectively for storage, washing, conditioning, cooking as well as dining.

larder unit

larder unit

Kitchen Storage Essentials

The Kitchen Storage Essentials consist of food and utensils storage appliances. The cold food is usually stored in refrigerators and non-cold food can be stored in various containers, pantry and also a big Kitchen Larder Unit.

On the other hand, Kitchen Utensils Storage refers to the storage of cookware, kitchenware, kitchen appliances, chopping blocks, spice bottles, and all kinds of utensils. These utensil storage essentials usually finish storage and organization in combination with the base cabinet, hanging cabinet, corner cabinet, multifunctional decoration cabinet, etc. Typical kitchen accessories products are the pullout basket series, plain basket, plate basket, cutlery basket, revolving basket, flying disc, barrack, plate tray, etc.



Kitchen Washing Essentials

The kitchen washing essentials include the hot/cold water supply system, drainage equipment, washing pots, washing cabinets, etc. And to deal with the kitchen garbage after washing operation, the pullout kitchen Trash Bin or Trash Can. The modern home kitchen also will equip with a disinfection cabinet, food waste crusher and others.

Kitchen Conditioning Tools

Everything used on the cooking table can be conditioning appliances. Cutting tools, cookware, ingredients containers, machines, dishes rack, hanging shelf, etc.

Kitchen Cooking & Dining Tools

These appliances refer to the rice cooker, electromagnetic cooker, microwave oven and other dishes, forks, cups or so when eating.

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