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Wardrobe Pants Rack With Pants Hanger For Closet

About Pants Hanger

Hangers made for pants often have open-end, slide-in or slide-out designs.

To achieve anti-slip effect, typically the hanger bar has a covering of nonslip material such as foam, rubber, gel, plastic, and other coatings. Some of the hangers are equipped with locking pant bars, a two-piece mechanism of a lateral wooden rod secured at one end with bent metal to hold trousers in place. However, the pressure of the locked bar may damage the fabric of soft premium wool trousers over time, so we avoided this design for our wardrobe pullout pants rack.

About Venace Wardrobe Pants Rack

Venace’s slide-out wardrobe pants rack is designed as a perfect closet fitting. For the moment we have two recommendable series of wardrobe pants racks -EA Series and IT Series.

Both of the pant rack series are space efficient and with adjustable frame widths. They can be beautifully compatible with any stylish closet.

The EA pants racks are available in 4 slides materials (Chinese 3-section ball bearing slide with or without soft-close; Taiwan King Slide with or without soft-close) for options. They feature easy browsing through a closet, and permits pants to slide off without sticking, meanwhile avoiding leaving conspicuous creasing across the thigh. The nonslip rubber ring on the removable bars hold pants fabric firmly.

The IT pant racks’ ABS coated hangers are not prone to causing slight creasing. The hangers have open-end design and are removable. The pullout and width-adjustable structure enables easy browsing through a closet.

In contrast to other models, these series of elegant pants racks are for balance. They don’t teeter one way or the other a little more noticeably when pants are hanging on them. They are just advisable for the closet with hinges.

Get space efficiency, easy access and nice wrinkle-free trousers with the racks. No more sharp folds, no more extra ironing.

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