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Strong Runner Of ‘Industry 4.0’ – Chinese Manufacture

Strong Runner Of ‘Industry 4.0’ – China

Since 2010, China has ranked the largest manufacturing power on earth. Great productive forces, efficiency and quality at best prices are tags of Chinese products. However, due to the lack of core technology, China was famous as ‘big rather than strong’, and had been long-termly at the lower end of the global industrial chain. Changes eventually take place with the fourth industrial revolution coming. China, the bystander of former three industrial revolution, is now catching closely up with the ‘Industry 4.0’.

♦ Chinas Incentive Policy On Manufacturing

In order to keep up with the fourth industrial revolution, the Chinese government launched the Made in China 2025 and Internet+’ guidance policy in 2015. China’s manufacturing industry goals to achieve the new normal transformation and upgrading in coming years.

In the current context, the traditional Chinese manufacturing industry inevitably predicts a reshuffle era. All manufacturing enterprises are facing either a transformation and upgrading, or improving their products and personnel. Thus those who don’t enhance their competitiveness, are likely to fail in the revolution.

♦ From Large-scale Manufacturing to Custom Production

The traditional manufacturing model is characterized by large-scale mass production. It features provision of standardization and fixed equipment along with services. On the contrary, with the social into a new era of information and intelligence, the global economy forms a change from market-oriented towards consumer-oriented. The customer demand is increasingly tending to differentiate. As a consequence, intelligent customization of production emerges in the transition wave in China.

♦ Intelligence, Custom Service is the way out

In the era of industry 4.0, network and information technology will be more applied to the development of manufacturing enterprises. Customized intelligent manufacturing requires enterprises to build a platform for interactive users, and to provide whole process of on-demand customization experience according to large data analysis.

In the current situation, the world set off a new round of industrial restructuring. Germany, the United States and other developed countries have sounded the horn of manufacturing revitalization, implementing re-industrialization strategy. Some developing countries are having plans to layout, too.

Strong Household Manufacturer runner – Venace

Placed in the big environment of China and being one of the era goers, Venace Household In., the international household solutions provider and household manufacturer, has deep insight and determination.

People of Venace keep innovating household products of better quality and stronger practicability, building greater competitiveness in the peer. We follow the market and Chinese Government’s forward-looking policy to get stronger power — doing what is right, so going right faster.

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