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Although the outward appearance of a wardrobe is important, but if the interior structure is not properly and scientifically designed, people won’t be able to make good use of the wardrobe! With series of functional closet accessories, (for example, the lift/pull down wardrobe rail, spiral wire clothes rack, pull out laundry hamper, built-in ironing board and so on) , the wardrobe magnifies itself in usability and convenience. Let’s take a look at which closet accessories are the most useful and best selling in Venace.

closet accessories Pull out wardrobe rail

♦ Pull Down Wardrobe Rail for Long hanging

We all know that a closet stands there and takes up lots of space. But will the taken space all efficiently utilized and keep looking organized? Yes, but only when assembling with the four basic types of closet organization systems: long hanging, short hanging, shelves, and baskets or drawers.

The Venace Pull down Wardrobe Rail is no doubt ideal for long hanging. It has a convenient pull-down bar for inaccessible height , so people can utilize the upper space of their closet.

♦ Shoes Racks, Pants Racks, Tie Racks for better organization

Pull out Shoes racks are best solution in getting shoes off the floor and keeping bottom of a wardrobe tidy with shoes storage. The racks can be either fixed or pulled out, depending on the amount of shoes and the space available. Different sizes of shoes racks are available to fit the closet dimension. There are different designs as the Expandable independent shoes rack, the Slide Mounted Three Tier Pull Out Shoes Rack and so on.

On the other hand, trouser racks provide a sensible solution to keeping trousers neatly folded whilst maximizing the using space. The Pull out  trousers rack with a durable construction enables years of comfortable storage. A wide variety of sizes and designs of optional materials are supplied to satisfy people’s requirement.

When it comes to the Tie racks or belt racks, they work in exactly the same way with other racks. Usually attached to the side or central partition of the wardrobe, the tie racks also fit the wardrobe door. Briefly speaking, these tie racks and belt racks are great solution for a gentleman’s belts and ties storing.

The distributors who are looking for a complete solution for wardrobe should never miss these racks above.

♦ Pull Out Wardrobe Storage System

The Pull Out Wardrobe Storage System contains pull-out tray, drawer, shelf and basket.  Drawers inside a wardrobe are great for stowing things away, while open shelves make good storage space for the more bulky items. More maximum storage utilization and beautiful organization are possible with them!

If you have no clues on choosing closet accessories from a wide range of options, welcome to inquire us.

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