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Advantages of Custom Closet

Global people’s living standards keep improving, thus higher requirements raise in the area of home decoration or renovation. As important part of modern home decoration, the custom closet, has been hot spot of consumption. Though development of custom closet in China is still at the early stage, in Europe and America, it went a much longer way since the 1980s. Custom closet became home essential furniture for many.

Before get into market of closet accessories, we need to know why people need custom closets and the advantages the modern closets have over the average ones.

Advantages of the custom closet

Custom closets / wardrobes mean tailoring according to individual requirements. They are usually more environment-friendly, stylish and professional. Specifically, they have performance in these following aspects.

♦ Better selection of Materials

Traditional furniture selected substrate of block boards or decorative panels, which often have few or nothing to do with environmental protection and strong anti-deformation. Conversely the modern furniture put much importance on eco-friendly materials. Supplementary materials as glue or paint with high Methanol are not taken into consideration.

Excellent Craftsmanship

The edge technology is extremely important in finishing a cabinet. Development of modern factory production gets the craftsmanship greatly improved in its standards, precision as well as manufacturing periodicity. Nearly all processes are done from start to finish in the factory in a short time. A beautiful cabinet with nicely sealing edge and combined with a variety of convenient, stylish hardware, makes harmonious and comfortable bedroom possible.

♦ Relatively lower price

People who want a custom closet might choose a brand from big wardrobe manufacturers. The big manufacturers provide relatively higher quality service at lower price by larger quantities of factory production. The cost-effectiveness props up demands of custom closet.


Compare with a finished product, a custom one is usually with nicer appearance, better design and longer-term service life. As for the reasons, customized products always meet people’s real need. And their construction accord with ergonomic and mechanical characteristics, to make longevity true.

Effective space utilization

Customized closets / wardrobes feature precise scale from the site. That enables scientific arrangement of space utilization. Before this, through technological innovation the platforms of closet take up less space than ever. That greatly increase the storage space of the cabinet. Thus, we see the biggest advantage of custom wardrobe – fully rational use of effective space by user-friendly design!

The closet can be designed according to the requirements of the user. Additional drawers, more partitions, or add in any size of wardrobe baskets. The variety of styles and free selection open up potential market of closet accessories / wardrobe accessories!

Custom closet accessories

In respond to fast growing demands of custom closet, the closet accessories must develop. And that’s why Venace keep researching on latest custom closet developing direction to meet the demands of custom closet accessories.

We produce wardrobe accessories that suit in wardrobe width of from around 600 to 900 mm. The classical accessories products are as Pull-out clothes rack, spiral clothes rack, pant rack, steel wire wardrobe basket, tie rack, wardrobe tray, walk-in closet, built-in ironing board and so on.

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  1. Amy Saunders says:

    Yes, there’s no way of denying what you said about how much freedom we could have when opting for a custom-made closet, especially in terms of the materials used. My son has been thinking of having a new set of closet in his bedroom before his girlfriend moves into his apartment next month. I’ll certainly ask him to consider this option so he’ll make the right installation later.

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