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Wardrobe hardware accounts for a large proportion

       Compared with the whole wardrobe, a small wardrobe hardware is indeed very small. But in the whole wardrobe body, some obscure hardware gadget has played a significant role. Hardware accessories is an important part of custom furniture, occupies an extremely important position in the overall material, which directly affects the overall quality custom furniture and use of function, but also determines the price level of custom furniture. Price of hardware is different, the price went from twenty or thirty dollars to hundred dollars, hardware like this, like a wardrobe drawer, closet pants rack even more. For wardrobe products, imported hardware prices also exceeded.

wardrobe hardwareSimilar domestic product several times and even more so when the custom closet product prices have gone up. Custom products acceptance in the market gradually increased its customized features like the pursuit of personalized home. Visited a Easy home, when leading online home and other home stores and found that custom class products.

Price elasticity of factors in addition to the traditional substrates, especially custom closet, the hardware also gradually increase the proportion of the total price, small hardware items and gradually has skillfully deflected the question means.

Functional hardware emerging during the visit I found that in the era of custom closet overall home has become mainstream, and many of the highlights to attract consumers is hardware for furniture, especially strong functionality to attract the most consumer hardware We were concerned.

More and more furniture products through hardware can achieve a lot of different functions in the the market, the most common is wardrobe basket, shoe rack,cloakroom storage box, etc., but there are some powerful wardrobe lift, all Expansion tie racks, these hardware is added to members which can greatly improve the ease of use of the closet.

Wardrobe hardware imports led to price spikes

Because the price is in accordance with the custom closet expanded area of ​​the sheet to be calculated. All plates, hardware, door panels, respectively, constitute the total price, and thus affect the situation as a whole. Stanley custom closet accessories in the store, according to plate the overall price of 3,000 yuan. Operator, if coupled with a basket, probably need to accumulate about $ 800, such as a storage box made also require additional calculations, an ordinary wardrobe coupled with two storage box, two basket, prices may be 5000 yuan, can be seen how much of the hardware.

Directly determines the overall level of closet accessories. Wardrobe and imported hardware prices get higher, which leads to high price of a lot of use of imported whole wardrobe hardware.

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