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Formal dress is required for many occasions in Canada

For business activities in Canada, a conservative style suit is appropriate. In everyday life, Canadians dress in a European style. During work hours, they generally wear suits and sundresses. When attending social events, they tend to wear dresses or fashions.

In Canada, there are different attire for different occasions. In the church, men wear dark suits and ties, and women wear dresses with a dignified style. At weddings, men wear either a suit or casual clothes, and when wearing casual clothes, they do not wear a tie. Women should not dress up too dazzling, so as not to take over the guests, and should not wear white or beige series of clothing, because the symbol of purity of the white color belongs to the bride. For weddings held in churches, men should wear dark suits and ties; women should wear more solemn dresses. When visiting a friend’s house or attending a banquet, men should wear a full dark suit and women should wear a style of dress, with a little makeup, not too thick. If it is an informal party, or very familiar with each other, men can wear different colors of tops and pants, women wear a full set of dresses or skirts, clothing color should not be too conspicuous, the style should not be too bizarre. In Canada to attend a funeral, men should wear a full suit, dark or black tie, women are wearing plain dresses, the style should be conservative, should not wear gold with silver and excessive makeup, in order to show their condolences to the deceased.

Wearing ironed clothes is a sign of respect for others

Don’t think that dressing up is only your own business and has nothing to do with others. If it’s in your own home, it really won’t matter. Once you enter a social situation, dressing up becomes a business card for you, and people can read a lot of information from this card. Unfamiliar people will judge your identity from your dress, and familiar people will see your attitude towards him from your dress.

How much damage does the crease do to the clothes? Girls’ skirts and coats look very cheap and ungraceful once they are pleated. And boys wear shirts, suits often have creases, not ironing out will really look very sloppy.

Ironing to make clothes flat

Clothes that are wrinkled are deformed. The composition of the clothing material is fiber, when these fibers dry, in the natural drying process, due to evaporation, the fibers will become wrinkled because the process of losing water in the fibers will produce some stretching, contraction and other forces. Wrinkled fibers encounter water, under the action of the pressure of water, the fibers will become very straight, so the iron use are to add water, add strong heat and use external pressure, thus becoming flat.

When ironing clothes, you have to spray some water on the clothes first, and even lined with a wet cloth, then you can iron. If you bring a dry clothes to iron, not only can not iron the creases flat but also easy to scorch the clothes. When the clothes are sprayed with some water, its fibers are quickly moistened by the water. At this time, the temperature of the iron on top of iron, seeping into the fibers of the water will be heated vaporization. Matter from the liquid state into a gaseous state, to absorb a lot of heat from around, and the volume in an instant increased many times. As the iron pressed on top, the volume of the expansion of water vapor can not run out, but only to the fiber of the gap, so that just squeeze the fiber straight, flat, the clothes are so flat ironed.

Choosing a good ironing board

Once you understand how clothes are ironed flat, the next step is to buy a steam iron and ironing board. A good ironing board is not only sturdy and durable but also easy to use and easy to store. I recommend Venace’s wall mounted ironing board Canada is particularly suitable for use in Canadian home environments.


   The ironing board surface can be rotated 180° horizontally to achieve the free adjustment of ironing angle and position.



wall mounted ironing board Canada


   Double folding design, convenient storage to save storage space.

wall mounted ironing board Canada - 2

3)Water vapor is easy to be emitted

   The mesh design of the board surface is conducive to water vapor emission.

best wall mounted ironing board Canada4)Wall mounted

The whole part connected with the wall is made of thick white painted iron, which is not easy to rust and has a strong load-bearing capacity. Easy to install.

This wall mounted ironing board in Canada is one of the necessary household items.