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5 tips for fighting fatigue while using your standing desk

More and more people realize that sedentary is not good for health, so people begin to use standing desks as their office tools. For many indoor office workers, it is necessary to use this kind of desk. However, this kind of standing desk will not become a habit in a short time. Therefore, please follow the simple skills below to prepare to reduce the fatigue of standing office.

1. Start slowly – using your standing desk

Assuming that you used to use a sitting desk, it may not be easy for you to work standing up, so you need to start slowly. You can’t change to stand office immediately. If you change to work standing all the time, you will make a big mistake. Because of sudden change, standing for a long time can bring a lot of pain. So you have to choose to alternate between standing and sitting with your lift table to change your habits. At first, you can stand for a few minutes, then sit for a few minutes alternately, without setting a fixed time, and then slowly increase the standing time. Over time, you can stand up for half an hour, or even an hour to avoid fatigue.

2. Move! Change your standing posture!

Don’t stay in a standing position for a long time! There’s a saying, “your best position is your next position. “Yes, when standing, you can change your posture with an anti-fatigue pad. You can even buy an anti-fatigue pad with a comfortable ergonomic design. According to the survey, people who stand on wood or concrete floors for a long time have various health problems, including neck pain, varicose veins, and swelling of lower limbs. Although these health problems are not very serious, we also need to prevent them. The principle of using the anti-fatigue pad is: it keeps your body slightly out of balance, so that your calf muscles contract, pushing your blood back to the core and getting itchy oxygen.

anti-fatigue pad

3. Choose a good pair of shoes

If you choose to work at a standing desk, you need to think about the shoes you need to wear. Shoes have an impact on both comfort and fatigue at work. What kind of shoes to choose is different for different people, so there is no fixed regulation. It’s just a piece of advice for great ladies. Try not to stand up in high heels to avoid and fight fatigue. You can try a variety of shoes for standing test, and finally, choose the most suitable shoes for you. Of course, you can also consult your orthopedic surgeon and recommend the best shoes for you based on your questions.

shoes for standing desk

4. Adjust the height to support your arms

Adjust the standing desk to the correct height, so that your arms naturally support on the table, if you do not have a comfortable position to support your arms, you may soon have hand joint problems.

Adjust the height to support your arms
5. Keep the rest time

Lifting your desk is very helpful to improve your health, but it doesn’t mean you have to use it 24 hours a day. If you are always immersed in your work and don’t rest, you may reduce your work efficiency. It is very necessary to keep the rest at work. You can also arrange some time to do stretching exercises, including simple exercises such as head, neck, shoulder, upper arm extension, etc to avoid and fight fatigue problems. Some simple courses you can easily find on YouTube.

Keep the rest time