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How A High Quality Variable Height Desk Is Made

Have you ever find a standing desk factory supplier? Buy a cheap and good variable height desk? Do you know how a good quality standing desk is made? Let me tell you the truth.

A good height adjustable desk needs to go through 4 steps, 16 links, through well-seasoned, man-machine multiple testing, and finally form qualified products, delivered to customers.

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The overall steps are as follows:
Step 1: measurement – pipe cutting – grinding
Step 2: pre degreasing – Ultrasonic Cleaning – silane – grinding soot blowing – spraying – curing – spraying wear resistance test
Step 3: welding-assembly-performance test
Step 4: weighing-packing-print code

Step 1: Cutting

A good height adjustable desk starts from cutting pipe, using laser cutting machine, automatic cutting, the advantages of which are: fast cutting speed, less burr, no pressure, no deformation, high efficiency, low cost, and high quality. You should avoid some small factories use the grinding wheel cutting machine, manual operation, low efficiency, that’s no guarantee of quality.

Step 2: Adopt automatic spraying line

Advantages: 1. Accurate temperature control, constant temperature ± 1℃, uniform spraying, saving powder spraying; (cleaning temperature is about 183℃, spraying problem is about 197℃) 2. It is dust-free, in line with environmental protection requirements, to ensure the health of employees.

Step 2 can be further subdivided into the following seven parts as below:

1)pre degreasing: using chemical solutions to remove all kinds of grease, finger marks, and pollutants on the surface of sheet metal parts.

2)ultrasonic cleaning is to use the cavitation, acceleration, and direct inflow of ultrasonic in the liquid to, directly and indirectly, affect the liquid and dirt, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified and peeled off to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Simple chemical addition of chemicals and water to remove metal contaminants.

3)silane: the advanced silicon hydrogen compound adheres to the metal surface, forming extremely thin (about 10 nm thick) silicon-containing film and coating; the silicon-containing coating can increase the high-temperature oxidation resistance of ordinary steel to more than 100000 times, and greatly improve the high-temperature chemical stability of other metals.

4) grinding and soot blowing

5) spraying: automatic spraying line, spraying on both sides at the same time, with a total of 8 guns; spraying 4 times to ensure uniform spraying, thick feeling, texture, natural color, and consistent color. Advantages of uniform spraying: smooth surface, small friction resistance of lifting column, stable lifting and lowering, the service life of more than 5 years.

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By the way, small factories in the industry, the spraying is very thin, less than 50um; there is no texture, there is a sense of particles, frosting spray surface, lifting column wear after a year, it is easy to wear the friction plate seriously, resulting in table instability

6) curing (spray drying)

7) spray wear resistance test

Step 3: Kawasaki automatic welding machine arm is used for welding.

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The welding process is standard, and the welding spot is uniform and fast.
The upgrade table legs are assembled by mechanical equipment.

The advantages:
1. Mechanized installation ensures uniform stress during installation; With the test function, the system will remind you if there is poor spraying or friction plate tightness that does not meet the requirements.
2. High efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of employees
Below (right): table leg performance test equipment

Objective: to test whether the lifting of the table legs is smooth after assembly and aging for 12 hours under heavy load
Ensure that each leg of the table is installed firmly, and the quality is stable even in the case of rough sea transportation
After matching test for each motor, it is confirmed that the performance of the motor is stable

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Step 4: Automatic packaging machine packaging

Benefits: automation, low cost, high efficiency, consistent packaging quality
Weighing before packing:
Purpose: to test by weighing whether there are missing parts; when the missing weight is inconsistent, the system will remind you. Weighing detection before packaging; the accuracy of 0.01kg, less than a package of screws will alarm and stop line inspection; ensure that each packing box accessories are complete. Reduce the occurrence of incomplete accessories, reduce customer complaints.

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