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5 benefits of using a standing desk

In the U.S. workplace, using a standing desk for work at home or work in the office has become the fastest-growing employee benefits and is becoming more and more popular. One of the reasons they are popular is that sitting for a long time can damage your health. They know benefits of standing desk, People realize that standing desks do bring benefits to their health.

using a standing desk
Studies have shown that people who sit for long periods of time are more likely to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and certain types of cancer, and even live shorter lives. And the sequelae of sedentary is long-term and cannot be offset by simple exercise or drugs. Obviously, reducing the time we sit down is good for our health.

However, standing for a long time may also cause low back pain, foot pain, and other symptoms, so experts suggest that if you try to stand a desk, you need to refer to the tips for using a standing desk. But if you use a sit-stand desk (sometimes called a standing desk or adjustable height desk), you can easily switch between sitting and standing during the day’s work. Using this kind of table can bring you many benefits

1. Reduce weight and prevent obesity – Benefits of standing desk

Studies have shown that standing for an hour can burn 80 calories, sitting for an hour will consume 50 calories, and walking an hour will consume 210 calories. Do you burn calories at a standing desk, yes you can if you stand for three hours every weekday, you’ll burn 1200 calories a week, equivalent to 450 more calories.

Reduce weight and prevent obesity

2. Reduce back pain – Benefits of standing desk

Back pain, low back pain, is one of the worries of many adults. Many office workers sit in the office for a long time, and these hidden diseases appear over time. There was a study that finally showed that 54% of the pain in the back and neck can be effectively relieved when standing.


3. Prevent heart disease – Benefits of standing desk

Some disease research institutions have studied standing and sitting for more than 50 years. They found that a sedentary lifestyle and the risk of cardiovascular disease increased by 147%, and the risk of cardiovascular disease death increased by 90%. Therefore, we need to try to change the sedentary way of life and work to try to prevent cardiovascular disease.

4. Reduce blood sugar Benefits of standing desk

When we stand after a meal, blood sugar levels are significantly reduced. A study of 25 obesity office workers has been conducted by an institution. The study found that switching between standing and sitting every 30 minutes can reduce the peak of blood glucose by 11%. This study shows that the way you can reduce your risk of blood sugar and diabetes without extra cost is to use a standing desk!

5. Using a standing desk also Improve work efficiency

In your job, the back and waist muscles and neck pain can be alleviated, the whole body is in a very good state, the mood will certainly be optimized, so that you have more energy to put into the job, quickly solve your work problems.

benefits of standing desk
When using a standing desk as a new way of working, there may be more than the above benefits of standing desk. If you consider using a standing desk and get benefits, we suggest you try to contact us. Of course, you can also find ways and tips to use a standing desk in our blog, and you will get benefit from it.