5 Different Dresser Plans to Try Out


Renovating your house can be done in two ways: you can buy furniture for your apartment or you focus on doing this major project yourself. The cheaper option between the three is doing it yourself, where you build your furniture from scratch.

One of the types of furniture you might be thinking of building is a cabinet drawer. Drawers are bureaus where you can put your clothes or other valuables in. There are many plans online that you can find when building a cabinet drawer, but there a few that you should consider trying.

In this article, we will go over five dresser plans that we encourage you to check out and try.Dress Drawer 4

5 Different Dresser Plans To Try Out

As we mentioned previously, there are many ways to build a drawer and different plans. So if you are not satisfied with the ones we listed here, then we advise searching on Google until you find one that fits with the style of your home. For each one, we will provide the link on how to build each of these drawers.

Let us begin with the number one plan on how to build a drawer.

Number#1 Dresser Plan: A Changing Table Dresser

This dresser is perfect for any parents out there. On the surface, you can change your baby while also storing essential baby necessities like diapers, baby bottles, etc. This table is also great if you are running a nursery.

 When building this drawer, you will need to create a barrier that will prevent your baby from falling off the table. You can find the plan to build this dresser drawer right on this link. They give you everything you need to know on how to build this dresser drawer from the materials, the cuts, steps, etc.

Number #2 Dresser Plan: A Wide Dresser Drawer

Need instructions that are easy to follow but also give you a nice-looking dresser drawer? Then you should try making this wide dresser drawer. With this dresser drawer, the directions and illustrations are straightforward. Once you finish constructing this dresser, it will stand 2.5 feet and will be 4.5 feet wide.

dress drawer

Number #3 Dresser Plan: A Dresser With Wheels

You can also build a dresser that is on wheels. Building one that is on wheels makes it easy for you to move it from one place to the next. This dresser has about six drawers, which should be enough room for your clothes. This dresser is made with wood which in turn will give your room a rustic look to it. You can find this plan on Shanty 2 Chic. They give the necessary instructions and cuts for building this type of dresser.

Number #4 Dresser Plan: Tall Dresser

Since we have a plan that is a wide dresser, what about a dresser that is tall? This tall dresser is equipped with two small drawers that are at the top and four long drawers stacked at the bottom. Creating a tall dresser is a good option, especially for people who have a lot of clothes to put away.

The process can be found at Her Tool Belts website. The website gives you a list of materials, cut list, dimensions, and instructions. There is one more dresser drawer that we suggest you should construct.


Number #5 Dresser Plan: Farmhouse Dresser

If you are going for a more farmhouse look for your house, then you need to make a dresser that fits that style. The good news is that there is a free plan that you can follow for making this cabinet drawer! This farmhouse dresser comes with three drawers, which is absolute for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of clothes.

This farmhouse plan can be found right at Ed Hart. These are all the dressers that you can build all by yourself. Each of these plans is also free and requires little effort to follow along.


We will remind you about this again that there are multiple plans out there on the internet on how to build a drawer. So if you don’t see one here on our list, we encourage you to look elsewhere. You are bound to find a dresser drawer that you like and to find one that fits your house. Finding the right dresser depends on what you want.

The two things to think about before you begin constructing are how many drawers you want and what look do you want your house to look like overall. Once you determine these two things, you can now begin making your DIY dresser drawer!  Of course, don’t forget to prepare the cabinet tools and dresser drawer slides.