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How To Remove A Dresser Drawer With Metal Slide

Every house has drawers. Drawers are uncomplicated to use as their use is simple. Drawers hold any objects that you have in your house. However, you might’ve encountered this common problem with drawers: they tend to get stuck at times.

When a drawer gets stuck, it may seem to be hard to get it back out. But, there is a way to fix this problem and get your drawer working again. Want to know how to remove a dresser drawer with center metal slide? We will tell you in this straightforward guide. We will discuss why dresser drawers get stuck, how to fix them, and how to fix some other drawers.

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Why Do My Dresser Drawers Get Stuck:

There are four reasons why drawers tend to get stuck. The following reasons include:

The Drawer Is Getting Old:

One reason why the drawer would get stuck is the age of it. If it has been with you for several years, then it most likely begins to rust. When there is too much rust on the metal, it prevents the drawer from coming out smoothly.

The Hardware Is Wearing Out:

To add to the first reason, dresser drawer mounting hardware could also wear out. Screws that hold your drawer together could start coming out. However, unlike the first reason, you can simply fix this by adding new screws in.

The Humidity Effect:

Humidity can also affect the way your drawers move, particularly wooden drawers. When the heat hits the wood, it swells up. Once it swells up too much, it will eventually make the drawer no longer line up. Just like the second factor, you can fix your drawer by applying lubrication.

Massive Accumulation Of Debris:

Your drawers could also stop working properly if they are massive amounts of debris in the slides. If they are too much debris in the slides, your drawer will most likely stop functioning correctly.

These are the four reasons why your dresser constantly gets stuck. Fortunately, there is a way to reverse this by fixing it. Fixing the dresser drawers takes a few steps which will be mentioned below.


How To Fix My Stuck Drawer:

Getting drawers unstuck requires approximately five steps. These steps are going to be mentioned right here in this section:

Step #1: Look And Observe The Slides On Drawers

The first initial step to take is to look and observe the slides of your drawer. Most central metal slides don’t have a mechanism that keeps the drawer in place, however, you should check for this to be sure your drawer doesn’t have it. Other than this, there are some other things to look for if your drawer has them:

  • If you find that your drawer has two metal slides on both the left and right sides, then it should come with two levers that you can interact with. Push these levers down.
  • If your drawer has something at the bottom (this is called the bottom mount epoxy slide), then you can remove this part just by lifting the drawer once it is extended
  • Lastly, the side mount ball can be removed when you move the levers. Let one lever go up while the other goes the other direction.

Do all of these things before continuing.

Step #2: Search For A Guard That Pulls Out

If your drawer comes with protective plastic that keeps the drawer in place. If you are having trouble finding this part, look for a small plastic piece that acts as a speed bump for the drawer or look for a flap that is all the way behind the dresser.

Step #3: Add Some Force

For this next step, you want to add some force when taking out the drawer. However, you don’t want to over-exert the force as this can break the entire dresser or potentially injure yourself. It is important to note that the dresser and the drawers are not attached and that the drawers are made to be taken out.

To make sure that you aren’t putting too much force, apply a little force when trying to pry open the drawer. As you are pulling, jiggle it a bit as this can help the drawer go past any pieces that are broken.

You can also get a friend to help you with this step as they can apply force on the sides of the drawer.

Step #4: Try Taking Out Another Drawer

Having problems with one of the drawers? Try another one. That way, if you happen to get the other drawer out, you will learn a certain trick on how to get the other drawer out.

Step #5: Observe The Sliders Problems

When you eventually get the drawers out, you can begin inspecting the slide to see what the problem is. It is most likely that you can’t see the slide, so use a putty knife so you can get a clear view. You should look for any breaks, rust, or other obstructions that prevent your drawer from sliding.

These are the steps to take if your dresser drawer is stuck. Other types of drawers can get stuck that we will like to introduce in this article.

How To Remove My Other Drawers:

Other than the dresser drawers we talked throughout this article, other types of drawers tend to get stuck. We won’t mention all of the drawers, so if there is a drawer that you have that is stuck but isn’t on here, look elsewhere online. You can always find other articles that tells you how to fix them.

Drawers With Plastic Stoppers:

Pull out the drawer until you can reach the button or lever. Your drawer should come out flawlessly.

Filing Cabinet Drawers:

Using one of your hands, pull the outside of the cabinet while your other arm attempts to raise the rim. Continue this motion, pushing inward and upwards until the cabinet starts coming loose.

Kitchen Drawers:

The last type of drawer is the kitchen drawer. Extend the drawer completely. When you see the drawer side, remove the covers. This will reveal the adjustments for that drawer. When you feel like you got them adjusted, the last thing to do is to move the levers upwards.


Drawers get old when you have them for a long time. Sometimes it can be an easy fix while other times it means that you going to need a new drawer. Rust, debris, or mildew affects the flow of your drawer. However, to see what is causing the stall, you will need to deconstruct the drawer.

Follow these instructions and we are sure you will find out the issue of how to remove dresser drawer with center slide.