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How To Organize Your Closet For More Space

Organize Your Closet For More Space

In bedrooms, there is a door that leads to a small room where you can store other items and your clothes. This part of the bedroom is known as the closet. It is crucial for every bedroom to have a closet because it will keep things like your clothes in one place. However, people who own the room need to figure out a way to keep things organized.

Why should you keep your closet spacious? Not only can you store more in your closet, but you also can find what you need easily. There are ways to keep your closet organized that we would like to notify you about.

But first, let us go over the type of closets your house might have.

Type Of Closets:

The first thing to recognize before you begin organizing is what type of closet do you have in your bedroom. There are six types of closets that your house could potentially have. The list of closets incorporates:

  • Walk-In Closet: This type of closet lets the owners walk in it. This closet is perfect for people who need a lot of space for their belongings.
  • Reach-In Closet: Much like the walk-in closet, they provide a lot of space compared to other closets. Reach-in closets, however, can come in different styles. These closets are also equipped with hinged doors and curtains that you can pull aside.
  • Wardrobe Closet: Unlike all of the other closets, this type of closet is not built into the house. Rather, it is a closet that stands alone. Wardrobe closets are the less popular form of closets, but you can still buy this type of closet at stores.
  • Linen Closet: This type is typically used for extra bedding or bathing supplies like spare sheets, towels, bedding, blankets, or pillows. Most linen closets are found near the washer or dryer and most come with hinged doors, bifold doors, or without a door.
  • Pantry: Pantries are considered a type of closet due to their space for food. Pantries are typically found in the kitchen rather than the bedroom. Every house should come with a pantry.
  • Utility Closets: Utility closets are a type of reach-in closet where you can store any hardware items in it. These items include chemicals, paint cans, boxes, and suitcases. These closets are mostly found downstairs or upstairs in your basement or attic.

These are the type of closets that your house might have. If you are looking for a strategy that organizes your closet, you have come to the right place. Here, we will provide five solutions that will make your closet look neat and spacious!

5 Solutions To Organize Your Closet:

Organizing your closet takes effort, a little money, and time in order for it to look clear. With these five solutions, we guarantee that every homeowner who is looking to organize their closet will love what it will look like in the end. Let us start with the number one solution:

Number #1 Solution: Go Over Your Items

The best way to clean any closet is to go through everything that is stored in there. For this solution, you should take out the things you have in your closet and sort them out into two piles: things you no longer want and want to donate and things you want to keep. Decluttering will take some of your time, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Number #2 Solution: Observe Your Space

The second solution you should consider is observing the amount of space you have in your closet. When you assess how much space you have, then you will know how many things you can put in it. You should also group things. As an example, if you have a lot of purses in your closet, then they should be grouped together. Grouping things together will give you an idea of how many of that type of item you have.

Number #3 Solution: Find Organization Ideas

All over the internet, you can find plenty of ideas on how to organize your closet. We will list a few of the best organizational ideas that you can find over the internet.

  • Install A Shelf For Your Wall: This idea is great for anyone who collects shoes or purses. Not only does it create space for them, but it also brilliantly showcases the purses and shoes.
  • Adding A Extra Bar: Adding an extra bar in your closet will give you more hook space for your closet. You should add this if you have a lot of shirts or pants stored in your closet.
  • Making A Wall For Jewelry: If you collect jewelry, then it is advised to make a wall for the jewelry. This keeps your necklaces in one place and will prevent them from getting tangled.

There are other ideas online, so research on Google to find an organization idea that you like the best.

Number #4 Solution: Buy Organization Tools

When you figure out the storage space and start to put things away, you might not have enough room or anything to organize your item. This is where you should begin shopping! Some of the best organizational tools you can buy at the store include wicker baskets, drawers, a shoe rack, a bag display, etc.


Number #5 Solution: Get A Lift For Your Wardrobe

Need something that raises your clothes off the ground? Then you need a wardrobe lift! A wardrobe lift is a handy tool where you can raise your clothes even higher. This is great to have because it will prevent your clothes from covering the storage spaces you have at the bottom. They also fit with almost every closet and installing it takes little to no effort. This is one of the many products you should buy for your closet.

Adjustable Wardrobe Lift Rail


As we mentioned in the beginning, organizing your closet perfectly takes effort, time, and money to make it look well-ordered. There are other solutions that you can find elsewhere, so we highly encourage you to look at other articles. So get your closet organized today!