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A Look at the Best Padding for Ironing Boards

A Look at the Best Padding for Ironing Boards – Ironing Board Pad

Modern ironing boards come in various designs; they can be traditional standalone boards or wall-mounted. Some ironing boards even have their own draw or cabinet, which they can fold into when not in use. These modern ironing boards are space-saving and are popular with homeowners that live in smart homes or small apartments.

This article will look at what you need to consider when choosing an ironing board cover to stock in your retail outlet. The padding you choose is important as it will affect the functionality of the ironing board. 

ironing boardThings to consider when choosing an ironing board pad

Retail owners will often carefully consider the consumer’s needs when deciding which type of ironing board to stock. They’ll think about how the board has been designed and constricted and whether it’s easy to install. Many shop owners fail to think about the type of padding is used for the ironing board cover. 

If you own a retail store and are looking to stock a good quality ironing board, you’ll need to consider how the cover has been made. The best ironing boards have covers that are easy to remove, padded, heat-resistant, and made from cotton. 

Venace manufactures good quality ironing boards that come with a cotton cover attached. Their boards are all well padded and made from heat resistant materials (Buyers can also customize Venace flame retardant fabrics if they need). Stocking Venace’s boards in your shop will give you the edge as the company creates high quality, durable ironing boards that are long-lasting. They have a selection of foldable and wall-mounted boards available. 

Good & Modern Ironing board pad is essential

Your customers will want to get good results when they iron as this makes ironing easier and less of a chore. You’ll need to choose a modern ironing board cover that has good padding. Most boards come with a cover included in the purchase. 

However, many homeowners feel that they need to upgrade to a better cover after making the purchase. This is an additional expense that many people want to avoid. To stand out from your competitors, it would be wise to stock an ironing board with good quality, padded cover. 

The best padding is heavy, as this allows the cover to hold its shape better than a flimsy foam-lined pad. The padding used for ironing board covers are either foam or felt. 

ironing board padHeat Resistant Material

Ironing board covers should be heat resistant, as this allows heat to be transferred from the iron to the clothing. Some covers have a textured, non-stick surface, which helps with the ironing process and allows the iron to smoothly move across the clothing without snagging. 

Non-stick material 

It would help if you also looked for an ironing board with a cover that’s non-stick, as this will prevent clothes from sticking to the ironing board. Many covers have reflective material inside their padding, allowing heat to be transferred back into the clothes to make ironing easier. 

Unbleached cotton

Ensure that the ironing board cover you choose has been manufactured using unbleached cotton. Cotton covers are particularly good for people who iron regularly. Ironing on cotton helps to speed up the process and delivers excellent results.

ironing board padDurability

An ironing board cover should be strong and durable, which will make it long-lasting. Your customers won’t want to have to purchase new covers regularly, so it’s essential to stock an ironing board with a good quality cover in your shop. Ironing board covers should last a few years. 

Scorch resistant 

A good quality ironing board cover will be scorch resistant as it will reflect heat. The padding should also have adequate ventilation to let moisture slip through when using the steam function on an iron. This will have the added benefit of preventing stains from forming.

Colour and design

Ironing board covers are available in a large selection of colors and designs. While these are fun, they may not be to everyone’s taste. It’s a good idea to stock an ironing board with a neutral colored cover as this will match almost any decorating style. 

best wall mounted ironing board CanadaAttachment

It would help if you also considered how the cover and padding is attached to the ironing board. A good ironing board cover won’t be able to slip off the board while in use. Most covers have a drawstring, which allows them to be tightly fitted to the board. Some will have elastic edging, velcro, or clips to hold the cover in place. These features make the cover adjustable. 


A good ironing board cover should be easy to remove for cleaning purposes. Most consumers will be looking for a cover that’s low maintenance and easy to clean. When choosing an ironing board cover, it would be a good idea to look for one that’s machine washable. Some ironing board covers shouldn’t be put in the washing machine and need to be spot cleaned. 

Ironing boards by Venace

Venace manufactures good quality foldable and wall-mounted ironing boards that come with an attractive cover. The cover has been designed with the user in mind; it has a thick layer of padding to create a smooth finish. Venace’s ironing boards are foldable and can be attached to laundry room walls or installed in a draw or closet. 

Here are some of Venace’s products that you may like to consider stocking in your retail outlet. Covers are available in either a light, neutral color or a dark grey. 

Venace’s wall mounted ironing board

Venace’s wall mounted ironing board is versatile and easy to use. It can be attached to the wall and rotates 180 degrees to both the left and right. This product comes with everything your customers will need to fix the board to their wall. It’s easy to install the ironing board and create a solid foundation, making ironing less of a chore. 

This ironing boards frame has been treated with a white coating, making it rust-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. Venace’s wall mounted ironing board has a built-in wall mount, which allows the board to fold twice. It can then be stored flat against the wall to save space. 

This board comes with a removable cotton cover, which is easy to clean and heat resistant. It has thick padding, which helps to create a smooth surface to iron on. The cover is stylish and has thick diagonal stripes in neutral colors. The color scheme is likely to be popular with consumers as it will fit in with their décor.  

wall mounted ironing board


pull down ironing board

Venace’s wall Mounted fold down ironing board

The wall-mounted fold-down ironing board is space-saving, as it folds flat against the wall while not in use. This product has been manufactured using durable steel and is easy to install using a frame that is screwed to the wall. It has a single click release mechanism, making it easy to set up.

Your customers will love the wall mounted fold down ironing board as it’s stable and secure. It won’t wobble like many ironing boards are prone to, especially traditional boards. This product comes with a removable heat-resistant cover that has been manufactured using cotton. It’s available in a dark grey, which customers will love as it fits in with any color scheme and is less likely to show stains or marks caused by steaming clothes.


Venace’s pull out draw built-in ironing board

The pull out draw built-in ironing board incorporates a unique folding design, which allows it to be installed inside a drawer. This allows the board to be hidden from sight inside a draw or cabinet, which saves space. Consumers love these boards as they can be installed in the kitchen and are out of sight when not being used. 

This ironing board comes with adjustable slide rails; it’s easy to install and can be pulled out of the draw smoothly and quietly. The ironing board comes complete with thick padding and an attractive cotton cover. It’s heat resistant, which helps the heat to be transferred to the clothing. 

Venace’s folding pull out ironing board

Venace’s folding pull out ironing board can be installed inside a cabinet. It can be easily pulled out and rotated to 180 degrees to the left- and right-hand sides. This will allow your customers to find the perfect ironing position. 

This board comes with an attractive, light-colored, cotton cover, which is removable and easy to wash. It’s heat resistant and has thick padding, which created a smooth surface for ironing. 

build in ironing board


If you’re a professional buyer looking to stock foldable, wall mounted ironing boards in your retail store; you may like to consider Venace’s products. All Venace’s ironing boards come with an attached cover that has good quality, thick padding. These are long-lasting and popular with homeowners.       

Check the video below and find our wall mounted ironing board, you can easy find the benefit of foldable ironing board.