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How to Choose The Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Ironing boards were first invented in 1858 in America, it has a history of more than 160 years, although it’s reported that Vikings used simple ironing tables and heated stones to press their clothing. The ironing board is a household product that has undergone many changes over the years. Most people tend to hide their ironing board in the closet, behind a door, or in the garage. So, how to choose ironing board? Read the passage and find out.

Wall-mounted ironing boards are convenient to use and easy to store. They are space saving and perfect for smaller homes or apartments. When not in use, they fold flat against your wall or walk-in closet. This article will look at the benefits of wall mounted ironing boards and will help you find the correct product for your home.

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The benefits of a wall mounted ironing board

Modern wall mounted ironing boards are great as they are available in stylish designs that fold away when not in use. You’ll no longer have a large, clunky ironing board that needs to be hidden away. If you live in a smart home or a small apartment, choosing a wall mounted ironing board will save space.

Wall mounted ironing boards are sturdy and practical, as well as being long lasting. They are just as functional as a traditional good ironing board. If you choose to purchase a fold-out, wall mounted ironing board from Venace; you’ll receive a product that’s been sprayed with a white coating to prevent rust or corrosion.

Venace’s foldable ironing boards have been designed using advanced technology; they are both functional and ergonomically pleasing, making them easy to use. Best wall mounted ironing boards are rotatable and can be turned 180 degrees to both the left and right. This allows the user to find a comfortable ironing position.

Many wall mounted ironing boards can be double-folded, which allows them to be stored against the wall. Some even come with their own cabinet for storage. Venace’s wall mounted ironing board has many other benefits, including a removable heat-resistance cotton cover, in a light shade to fit in with all types of décor.

Wall mounted ironing boards can be fixed onto a laundry room wall or inside a closet or cabinet. Some products come with a built-in cupboard or have been designed to be fitted inside a drawer or wardrobe.

Things to consider before buying a wall mounted ironing board

Investing in a good quality hidden ironing board will help make your housework easier. With a wall mounted ironing board, ironing will be quicker and more efficient as you won’t have to struggle to get your ironing board out of the cupboard. Foldable, wall mounted ironing boards are the perfect size for ironing all types of clothing and fabrics.

Here are some things to consider if you’re looking to buy a best wall mounted ironing board. You’ll need to take into account how much space you have available, the ironing boards’ stability, and the shape and size of the board. It’s also a good idea to find a product that has a good quality cover.

The space available

Before choosing a foldable ironing board, it’s a good idea to consider where it can be mounted in your home. Wall mounted ironing boards help save space, but can cause safety issues if they aren’t mounted correctly. You should ensure that the ironing board isn’t going to become a barrier that stops people from passing by.

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If your home has a laundry room, this would be the perfect location for a wall mounted ironing board. Otherwise, you may consider putting it inside a walk-in closet or in a utility room. Wherever you decide to mount your ironing board, you’ll find that it’s space saving and easy to use.

Ironing board cover

Not all ironing boards come with a cover included. Those that do won’t always have the best type of cover. Choosing an ironing board with a cotton cover will allow the board’s surface to retain heat from the iron, which means that it will stay warm for long. This will make ironing out creases less challenging.

Ironing is quicker, easier, and more efficient if you have an excellent ironing board with a good quality cover. Choose a cover that has thick padding and a protective layer that’s textured to prevent sticking. The cover should also be removable and easy to clean, most ironing board covers are washing machine safe.

Shape and size of the ironing board

Wall mounted ironing boards are available in a selection of shapes and sizes. Each board caters to slightly different types or sizes of clothing, as well as various fabrics. It’s worth considering the ironing boards dimensions before purchasing.

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If you regularly iron clothes for your whole family, it’s best to invest in a longer board that will fit different sizes and types of clothing. However, if you’re ironing clothing for one person or iron only occasionally, a smaller board may suffice.

Ironing board stability

You’ll need to ensure that the ironing board you choose is stable enough to allow you to iron efficiently. Wall mounted ironing boards come with the necessary hardware to connect them to a wall securely.

The benefit of having a wall mounted ironing board rather than a traditional version is that it won’t fall over while you’re ironing. A sturdy ironing board can help improve ironing, as you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand, instead of trying to hold onto the board.

Top Wall mounted Ironing Boards by Venace

Venace stocks a selection of wall mounted ironing boards that are foldable and can be attached to your laundry room wall or stored in a draw or closet. Which one you choose will come down to your budget, the space you have available, and personal preferences. Let’s look at four ironing boards by Venace.

1. Wall mounted ironing board

Venace’s wall mounted ironing board is very versatile as it can be rotated to 180 degrees to the left and right. It comes with all the necessary parts to fix the board to your wall and create a solid foundation.

This ironing board has a robust rust-resistant metal frame that is durable and long lasting. Venace’s wall mounted ironing board has a built-in wall mount, which allows the board to fold twice. It can then be stored flat against the wall to save space. It comes with a removable cotton cover, which is easy to clean and heat resistant.

wall mounted ironing board

2. Wall Mounted fold down ironing board

The wall mounted fold down ironing board is space saving and folds flat against the wall while not in use. This product is made from good quality steel and is easy to install using a frame which can be screwed to the wall. It has a single click release mechanism, making it easy to set up.

The wall mounted fold down board is stable and secure. It won’t wobble like traditional ironing boards often do. This product comes with a removable heat-resistant cover that has been manufactured using cotton.

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3. Pull out draw built-in ironing board

The pull out draw built-in ironing board has a fantastic folding design, which allows it to be installed inside a drawer. It can be hidden from sight inside a draw or cabinet, which helps to save space.

When you want to use the ironing board, it slides out. This ironing board is straightforward to install and use. It comes with adjustable slide rails, which allow the ironing board to be pulled out of the draw smoothly and quietly.

Built In Ironing Board

4. Folding pull out ironing board

Venace has created a folding pull out ironing board that can be installed inside a cabinet. The board will be hidden away when not in use, saving space. You can easily pull it out and rote the board 180 degrees to the left and right-hand sides. This allows you to create the perfect ironing position.

This board comes with a light colored, cotton cover that is removable and easy to clean. It is also heat resistant, which helps the heat to be transferred effectively from your iron to the clothes.

Pull Out Drawer Built In Ironing Board


There are many different foldable wall mounted products on the market. Before choosing an ironing board that’s right for you, the main thing to consider is your available space. If you live in a small apartment or smart home, choosing a wall mounted board is wise.

Before buying, measure your wall space to ensure that you have enough space to mount an hidden ironing board. You may also like to consider choosing a fold-out ironing board that can be installed in a draw. When installing your ironing board, ensure that it’s away from doors and narrow passageways so that it won’t be in your family’s way.