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Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Organization

Everyone wants a well-organized kitchen regardless of its size. You may need more than a kitchen basket organizer and kitchen corner to storage to make your kitchen well-organized and keep it that way. It is important to organize your kitchen from top to bottom. 

You may consider the following order when organizing your kitchen: kitchen wall cabinet storage, countertop storage, kitchen cabinet hardware, kitchen cabinet storage,  kitchen corner storage, then under-sink organizer.

Let us break it down further so you can have the well-organized kitchen that you have always dreamed of.

kitchen organization

For Kitchen Wall Cabinet Storage

If you have a small kitchen and need more space, utilizing the high space of the kitchen can help a lot. It is a brilliant way to help keep things organized without taking up any space in your work areas.

Consider the following:

– Kitchen Cabinet Lift System 

If you lack the height to reach the top cabinet or storage easily, you might have second thoughts other than installing a cabinet in a high place. A pull-down kitchen cabinet organizer can be a perfect solution. It allows you to keep your kitchen essentials in high storage without too much fuss. You only need to pull down the cabinet lift system to put or retrieve the things you need from the wall cabinet. The cabinet lift system can load more than 50kg of kitchen essentials, such as heavy kitchen appliances (i.e. food processors, blenders, etc.) and dishes. 

Kitchen Lift Basket

– Cabinet Dish Rack

Arranging your dishes on top of the other inside the cupboard may look organized and neat, but it can also be troublesome to get a plate from the pile when you need one. Don’t you think it is more convenient to access dishes when you arranged them tidily in a dish rack? 

This stainless steel cabinet dish rack is an optimal option with various sizes available. You will find a dish rack that fits your cabinet perfectly. It can hold so many plates without trouble due to its durable construction. 

Small kitchens and big kitchens both can benefit from having this type of storage- having a more organized look and extra space to move around. 

dish rack

For Countertop Storage

Do you put a dish rack on your countertop to make it easier to get a plate during meal preparation? Sometimes, even the countertop is already filled with so many kitchen essentials, and adding a dish rack may only create a messy-looking, cramped countertop. If you want to have a dish rack on your countertop, why not try an over-sink dish rack?

The over sink dish rack can hold your plates for you as you prepare the meal. It won’t crowd your countertop since it will be placed over the sink. You can still keep everything organized even though you have added something to your countertop. 

Hardware for Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet hardware is also a key factor that you can use or add to make your kitchen look well-organized and orderly. Here are some of those things.

– Cabinet Concealed Hinge

A concealed hinge remains invisible when you close the door of a cabinet. It is also called a European hinge because it is often used in many cabinets that have European style.

The concealed hinge has added aesthetic appeal to the cabinet and the entire kitchen. But that’s not all. It is much easier to install and remove the concealed hinges than the usual, standard hinges that most cabinet makers use. 

 The concealed hinges make opening and closing cabinet doors much quieter and smoother. These hinges also last longer and more durable than the standard hinges. 

35Φ Soft Close Concealed Hinge 4

– Cabinet Gas Spring

Gas spring is a pneumatic hydraulic support system that includes down-to-support and lifts support gas springs. The cylinder of down-to-support contains oil while the cylinder of lift support contains nitrogen.

The gas spring is available in different sizes. They are suitable for downward and upward turning cabinet doors. 

gas spring

– Drawer Slides

A three-section drawer slide includes a cabinet member, an intermediate member, and a cabinet member. Only non-recycled, pure plastic materials were used to manufacture the plastic components. 

You can use drawer slides for household drawers, cabinets, office appliances, and others. It makes opening and closing the drawers easy, smooth, and quiet.

drawer slides

For Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Extra kitchen cabinet storage can help keep an orderly kitchen, but there’s something better – a kitchen basket organizer. There are two basket organizers that you can try, and they are as follows:

– Base Cabinet Pull-Out Basket

You may need a base cabinet pull-out basket to place things when preparing dishes in one storage or place. With this basket, you can prepare the dishes in less time with all the things need in one place.

This organizer can contain kitchenware, condiments, utensils, knives, and other things that you are to use to prepare the dish. You may choose to store the things that you usually use in this storage or prepare them the night before. 

Base Cabinet Pull Out Basket With Knife Holder And Utensil Bin Scene


– Multipurpose Kitchen Basket

You can also choose to have a multipurpose kitchen basket organizer in each section of your cabinet where it fits. The basket organizer can hold everything in place. You don’t need to worry about some utensils, pans, or other things that you keep in your kitchen cabinet suddenly fall on the ground or you. 

For Kitchen Corner Storage

It is quite challenging to find corner storage that fits your cabinet. Fortunately, Venace got you covered. You can use a lazy Susan organizer, blind corner organizer, or both.

– 270 Revolving Basket

The 270 Revolving Basket is perfect for the 900mm, 800mm, or 700mm wide cabinet. It has a double-layer design. You can adjust the height to fit your cabinets. You don’t need to try so hard reaching out to the back of the cabinet to get the things you need. You can just turn the revolving rack to retrieve the things you need.

270° Revolving Basket Scenes 1

– Magic Corner (Blind Corner Organizer)

This organizer is a heavy-duty storage cabinet that is perfect for your blind corner. It has four independent baskets that can house various utensils and other kitchen essentials, like pots and pans. The slide rail is easy to push and pull. Plus, it is durable and stable. You don’t need to worry about it suddenly breaking down during preparations. It can help you keep your kitchen well-organized and lovely.

Magic Corner II Blind Corner Slide Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Scene

For Under Sink Organizer

Many homeowners keep their cleaning agents and cleaning materials under the sink and leave them however they want. It usually looks messy and unorganized. It defies the purpose of having a well-organized kitchen. It is a good thing that the Under Sink Pull-Out Organizer can help keep things in order.

The under sink organizer is a detachable double-layer pull-out that can be installed under the sinks in your bathroom and kitchen to keep the cleaning agents and materials organize and safe. It offers flexible installation options to accommodate the design of your plumbing fixtures. You don’t need to worry about a pipe getting in the way of the storage or the other way around. It allows you to fully utilize the space under the sink.

under sink organizer

Other Things You May Want to Consider

Aside from the already mentioned things, you may also want to try the Pantry Shelving Organizer, which is ideal for multi-functional large-capacity storage. If you want to add more useful storage space to your home or kitchen, you may install the shelving organizer.

If you have this type of storage, you can categorize everything accordingly and create a system that allows you to move seamlessly as you work in your kitchen. You can arrange the items according to their importance, usage, frequency of use, or other arrangements that suit your preference. The idea is to help you move swiftly and systematically. 

Nothing is better than a well-organized kitchen with everything in its place and a place for everything. The kitchen basket organizer, kitchen corner storage, and other helpful storage organizers can help you to work in the kitchen much simpler and easier than before. You don’t need to spend too much time looking for the things that you need to use when you can see everything in a glance or know where to get them. You will always be looking forward to working in your kitchen and whipping up delectable dishes for your whole family to enjoy.